Public Notice U-14-110 TPC:

Notice of Utility Application to Acquire Interest in a Public Utility

The REGULATORY COMMISSION OF ALASKA (Commission) gives notice that on September 29, 2014, Donald Eller and Ralph Eller (Applicants) filed an application to acquire a controlling interest in the Tanana Power Company, Inc. (TPC). TPC holds Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity No. 92, authorizing the provision of electric service in the Tanana area. TPC is currently owned by Yukon Tech, Inc. (Yukon Tech), which is owned by the Applicants. Yukon Tech also holds all ownership interest in a local exchange service utility and a cable television service utility certificated by the Commission. United Utilities, Inc. is purchasing Yukon Tech and applications reviewing the change in controlling interest of Yukon Tech are being separately reviewed by the Commission in Docket Nos. U-14-100 (local exchange service) and U-14-101 (cable television). As the sale of Yukon Tech does not involve TPC, the transfer of controlling interest under review in this proceeding will result in the Applicants holding a direct interest in TPC. Docket No. U-14-110 was opened to address this matter.

U-14-110 Public Notice
Date Issued: 10/6/2014