About the RCA

The Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA) regulates public utilities by certifying qualified providers of public utility and pipeline services and ensuring that they provide safe and adequate services and facilities at just and reasonable rates, terms, and conditions. This section includes general information about the RCA and its Commissioners.

How the Regulatory Commission of Alaska Benefits the Public

  • The Commission maintains a website which allows the public to view public notices and submit related comments, view filings made at the Commission, follow Commission action in proceedings, view utility tariffs, and file informal complaints.
  • Filings submitted to the Commission such as rate changes and applications are analyzed by technical staff (from the engineering, finance, tariff, or telecommunication sections) and Commissioners to ensure regulatory compliance and to balance the viability of the utility or pipeline service provider with the needs of the consumer.
  • The Commission’s Consumer Protection and Information Section is available for the public to contact by phone or email or at an outreach event to obtain information, ask questions about a regulated utility’s practices, or resolve an issue with a utility. The Consumer Protection and Information Section generally resolves issues promptly and at minimal cost to the consumer.
  • The Commission provides an opportunity for individuals to bring concerns to Commissioners’ attention by inviting public comment at its regularly scheduled public meetings.
  • The Commission may investigate, on its own motion or in response to a formal complaint, the practices of regulated utility and pipeline service providers and the providers’ compliance with statutes and regulations, tariffs, and Commission orders. For example, the Commission has been called upon to investigate instances of
    • poor quality of water service
    • financial viability of utilities
    • unsafe electric distribution systems
    • business practices of refuse service providers
    • refusals to provide telephone service.