COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
Utility-Related Information

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to create uncertainty and concern for many utility customers in Alaska, the Regulatory Commission of Alaska’s Consumer Protection & Information Section wants to ensure that every customer stays current with their utility bills to maintain their services and avoid late payment fees.

If you are having trouble making bill payments, contact your utilities. Discuss your situation and options with them.  Many electric, gas, water and wastewater utilities are continuing to offer payment flexibilities for consumers experiencing hardship at this time.  Help is available through payment plans, deferral arrangements, and other options.  It’s important for customers to pay what they can and keep in contact with their utilities.

Please contact the Alaska 211, which is a one-stop resource for finding help in various communities.

Utility Protections for Customers  

Senate Bill 241 (SB 241) expired on November 15, 2020.  The moratorium on disconnection for Residential Utility Service authorized in SB 241 is no longer in effect and utilities have the right to disconnect due to non-payment in accordance with its tariff. 

If you filled out and signed a COVID-19 Hardship Form and Deferred Payment Agreement (DPA) with your utility, it is important to stay current on your DPA to avoid disconnection. 

If you do not have a DPA, please contact your public utility to find out if you’re eligible for one.

Full Text of Senate Bill 241.

·   Consumer Financial Resources:  
      Dial 2-1-1 or visit the Alaska 211 website

      Lifeline: a federal program that helps lower the cost of monthly phone or Internet bill.  For more information, including eligibility and ways to apply, click on this link: Lifeline.
      FCC's Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) program offers a broadband and device benefit to low-income consumers and those that have suffered a substantial loss during the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information, including eligibility and ways to apply, click on this link: EBB Program. Contact your local EBB provider for more information and to apply. Click here for a list of participating providers in Alaska.

·   Moratorium on Power Cost Equalization (PCE) Suspensions: Letter to the Alaska Energy Authority.     

·   Beware of Scams:  Please remember to exercise greater care when opening emails, answering phone calls, or opening doors to scammers posing as representatives from a utility company or government entity.  Scammers are seeking to use the current COVID-19 situation to their advantage.  It is important that customers call their utilities directly to check on the status of their accounts if they are unsure about the authenticity of a caller or the identity of a service worker, or if they suspect any fraudulent activity.      

Docket I-20-001 In the Matter of COVID-19 and Public Concerns

During the RCA's public meeting on April 15, 2020, the RCA voted to open Docket I-20-001 to gather information related to public utilities' actions and compliance with Senate Bill 241 during this COVID-19 pandemic.  

Filings can be accessed by clicking on the "Documents" tab through this link:

 Docket I-20-001

In addition, on May 1, 2020, the RCA issued Order U-20-015(1), Order Permitting Deviation from Tariff Under AS 42.05.711(d).

For recent updates and filings, please refer to these dockets on our website. 

Filing an Informal Complaint 

Customers who are unable to resolve their disputes with a utility company may file an informal complaint in accordance with 3 AAC 48.120, Informal Complaints.

To file a complaint, please use the RCA's online complaint portal or download the Informal Complaint Form.  A consumer protection and information officer will contact you within two business days upon receipt of your complaint. 

If you have an urgent matter (e.g., disconnection of power), please contact us immediately.

RCA Consumer Protection & Information Section
Tel. No. (907) 276-6222
1-800-390-2782 (outside Anchorage)
Fax: (907) 276-0160
TTY/Alaska Relay: 7-1-1 or 1-800-770-8973

Utility Business Continuity Plans  

In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, Alaska’s critical infrastructure industries have taken measures to help slow down the spread of the virus and protect their employees and customers as much as possible while maintaining services critical for everyday life.  Below are links to regulated and non-regulated public utilities where you can find summary of actions taken by utilities, including but not limited to public office closures, suspensions of disconnection, and new protocols for field employees. 

Adak Telephone Utility

Alaska Communications

Alaska Electric Light and Power

Alaska Power and Telephone Company

Alaska Village Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Alaska Waste

Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility

Arctic Slope Telephone Association


Bristol Bay Telephone Association

Bush-Tell, Inc.

Chugach Electric Association

College Utilities (Utility Services of Alaska)

Copper Valley Electric Association

Copper Valley Telecom 

Cordova City Utilities

Doyon Utilities 

ENSTAR Natural Gas Company

GCI Communications, Inc.

Golden Heart Utilities (Utility Services of Alaska)

Golden Valley Electric Association

Homer Electric Association

Inn Electric Cooperative

Inside Passage Electric Cooperative

Juneau Water and Sewer Utilities

Kenai City Water and Sewer

Ketchikan Public Utilities

Kodiak Electric Association

Kotzebue Electric Association

Matanuska Electric Association

Matanuska Telephone Association

Naknek Electric Association

Nome Joint Utility Systems

Northern Utility Services

Nushagak Telephone & Electric Coop

OTZ Telephone Cooperative, Inc.

Potter Creek Water Company

Seward Public Utilities

Sitka Electric Department

Solid Waste Services

Summit Telephone Company

TDX Power Utilities

TelAlaska, Inc.

Unalaska Public Utilities

United Utilities, Inc.


Wasilla City Water and Sewer Utilities

Wrangell Utilities

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