See Summary of Changes included in the Release:

Items that may be of particular interest to external users are highlighted in yellow

Updates to Calendars
·       Added the ability to jump to a month and year on calendars, instead of only  month by month.
·       Added the tariff extension date to calendar and Matter Details pages  

Updates to Detail Pages
·       Updated the PCE section on Certificate Details to not display data if the certificate is not enrolled in the program  
·       Added a list of documents associated with each hearing and meeting on Matter Details page (Hearing & Meetings tab)  
·       Added tariff suspension dates to Matter Details pages  
·       Updated the agenda on the Tariff Action Meeting Details page to include the Commission decision  

Miscellaneous Updates
·       Added a “Find a Filing” box for quick access of a filing based on tracking number (added to Home Page and Quick Searches page)  
·       Updated filing displays through out the site to include all contacts related to a filing  
·       Updated pending action displays through site to exclude Pending Actions that have a status of “Cancelled”  
·       Updated the Mailsheet RSS feed to return documents from the subscribe date forward instead of just documents for the date the feed polls the website  
·       Updated Commissioner biography pages to not constrain the image height to 100 pixels  
·       Updated Meeting with the Commissioners page to dynamically generate a list of the Commissioners  

Updates to Electronic Filing
·       Added messages about file size limits and added a check of the size by the site  
·       Added information about not using the browser Back button during a workflow  
·       Updated the error message given during workflows  
·       Added printer friendly confirmation screens
·       Added a list of documents uploaded during the submission on the confirmation screen  
·       Added a message to the confirmation screen indicating that the user must click Finish to complete the submission process  
·       Fixed error if user clicked Add next to the matter dropdown list when the list is empty  
·       Made the content of the RCA Exchange home page dynamic based on the user’s security permissions  

Submit RCC Report Extension Request and Submit Annual Report Extension Request
·       Added note that the user must specify the date to which they want the deadline extended  

Submit Comments
·       Updated workflow so the electronic filing is cleared when the user clicks Cancel during the submission process  
·       Added logic that limits public comments to 1 submission per email address   Note: people sharing the same email address (husband and wife, for example) will need to submit a joint comment  
·       Removed Title and Firm Name fields from the user information requested from public submitters of comments  
·       Added the ability for logged in users to associate a company with the comment filing  

Submit Electronic Filing
·       Fixed issue with an extraneous back button appears on the first step  

Submit Tariff Filing
·       Updated workflow to allow a supplement tariff filing to be made against multiple open tariff matters  
·       Update workflow to add tariffs filed electronically to the Tariffs queue in STAR
·       Updated workflow to have entity selected added to the tariff matter as a party instead of the logged in user

Updates to Submit Quarterly RCC Report
·       Updated display for empty quarters to null to differentiate between reporting of 0 liability and un-entered quarters  
·       Updated interface to allow user to tab through the table vertically  
·       Updated interface to allow users to report 0 revenue subject to RCCs by entering 0 in the table fields (instead of using a checkbox below the table)  
·       Added logic to the page to check for invalid number formats  
·       Updated logic to bypass the payment screens if no amount is due or if there is a credit balance  
·       Updated logic to bypass payment screens and creation of a filing if no new RCC information is entered and there is no amount due or a credit balance  
·       Updated workflow to populate the Means Received on the filing created
·       Updated RCC Payments report to display all certificates subject to RCCs  

Date Issued: 12/5/2008