Update as of Tuesday, April 14, 2020.

The RCA continues to conduct business and operating as usual.  However, with COVID-19 mitigation measures, the RCA has closed its doors to walk-in visitors to protect your health and of the RCA employees. 

The RCA is also holding its public meeting on Wednesday, April 15, 2020, at 9:00 a.m.  The public meeting will be held telephonically.  Agenda items can be accessed through this link.   If  you wish to participate, please contact Mr. Whit Garey at loa.rca@alaska.gov to request a call-in number.  To prevent any disruptions during the public meeting, please listen carefully to the chairman's instructions and remember to mute your phone when you are not speaking.  We also ask that you do not place your line on hold as the hold music may be heard by all participants of the meeting.  When the court reporter asks for telephonic participants on the line, please announce yourself. 

For other matters, please contact the RCA at (907) 276-6222, toll free at 1-800-390-2782 (outside Anchorage) or via email at rca.mail@alaska.gov.

If you have a complaint against a utility service provider that you are unable to resolve, please use the RCA's complaint portal  (File an Informal Complaint) or send an email to the RCA Consumer Protection and Information Section at cp.mail@alaska.gov.  

Thank you.

Date Issued: 4/14/2020