Anchorage, AK - The Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA) advises Alaskan consumers about additional requirements imposed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to protect privacy of telephone customers against unauthorized access or disclosure. 

In April 2007, the FCC released an Order adopting additional safeguards to protect the personal telephone records of consumers from unauthorized disclosure. These new safeguards will help prevent unauthorized access to Customer Proprietary Network Information or CPNI (e.g., calling details and history, type of service, billing records and other customer information). 

The new safeguards, which became effective December 8, 2007, includes but not limited to:

·     Carrier Authentication Requirements. Carriers are prohibited from releasing a customer’s phone call records when a customer calls the carrier except when the customer provides a password. If a customer does not provide a password, carriers may not release the customer’s phone call records except by sending it to an address of record or by the carrier calling the customer at the telephone of record. Carriers are required to provide mandatory password protection for online account access. Carriers are permitted to provide all CPNI, including customer phone call records, to customers based on in-store contact with a valid photo ID.

·     Notice to Customer of Account Changes. Carriers are required to notify the customer immediately when the following are created or changed:

(1) a password;

(2) a back-up for forgotten passwords;

(3) an online account; or

(4) the address of record.

·     Notice of Unauthorized Disclosure of CPNI. A notification process is established for both law enforcement and customers in the event of a CPNI breach.

The Consumer Protection Section of the RCA advises Alaskan consumers:

·       If you think your customer information has been disclosed without your permission, contact your telephone company right away. Also, file a complaint with the FCC.  The FCC can be reached at:

Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street, SW
Washington, DC, 20554
Toll Free: 1-888-CALL-FCC
Website: www.fcc.gov

·       Ask your telephone company to provide information about what it does to protect the confidentiality of your customer information.

·       Read your telephone bill and any other notices you receive from your telephone company carefully. Determine if your telephone company is seeking opt-in or opt-out permission to use or share your customer information for marketing.

·       If you use a password when contacting your telephone company to obtain your customer information, avoid using any sensitive or readily apparent information, such as your social security number.

Questions regarding this consumer advisory should be directed to grace.salazar@alaska.gov.

FCC's CPNI Order
Date Issued: 12/18/2007