Anchorage, AK -- Aurora Power Resources (Aurora) notified its commercial customers that it will no longer supply their natural gas needs effective December 1, 2008. ENSTAR Natural Gas Company (ENSTAR) advised the same entities that it can provide service during the month of December but may not have a sufficient gas supply under contract to continue this service after January 1, 2009.

The Commission approved ENSTAR’s gas sales agreements (GSAs) with ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc. and Marathon Oil Company, provided that ENSTAR files amendments to incorporate the price cap set by the Commission in Order U-08-58(8). ENSTAR included in its forecast the need to supply gas to Aurora’s commercial customers and included these volumes in the GSAs.  Once ENSTAR files the required amendments, it will have sufficient gas under contract to continue service to these commercial customers after January 1, 2009.  The Commission will continue to monitor the situation.

For further information regarding the Commission’s order, please download a copy of Order U-08-58(8) from the RCA’s website at http://www.rca.alaska.gov by entering U-08-058(8) in the “Find an Order” search box. 

Date Issued: 11/13/2008