Anchorage, AK - The Consumer Protection Section of the Regulatory Commission of Alaska (Commission) announced today that over 980 customers of ENSTAR Natural Gas Company (ENSTAR) received credits for overcharges associated with duplex and multifamily dwellings. 
In September 2007, the Commission ordered ENSTAR to notify 10,700 small commercial customers of an opportunity to request a rate adjustment.  If a customer paying the commercial rate has a building used strictly for residential purposes and has two or more apartments supplied through the same meter, that customer is entitled to the lower residential rate.    
According to ENSTAR’s final report filed with the Commission, ENSTAR received over 2,000 requests for a rate adjustment, and about half of those requests were eligible for transfer from Small Commercial to Residential rates. ENSTAR provided rate adjustments in the form of refunds or credits totaling $701,376.
According to Section Chief Grace Salazar, “With lower future rates, those customers will save even more than the refund credit.”   

Date Issued: 12/17/2007