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General Updates
·       Added ability to open files directly from search results or detail pages (View Files[s] link). Note: The View File(s) link only opens the files that are directly part of the filing. To view Supporting Documents, such as service lists for public notices, the user must still click the Tracking Number link and go to the Filing Details page.
·       Add the ability to jump to a month and year on the Scheduling Calendar
·       Updated site to display descriptions of Event Dates (affects calendars and Matter Details pages)
·       Updated Search by Type and Advanced Search to enable searching for informal complaint matters or filings associated with a particular informal complaint (Note: The informal complaint matters are secure and cannot be opened by users.)
·       Updated the Public Notices RSS feed to display the Public Comment end date
·       Updated the information displayed on the Matter Quick Searches
·       Fixed sort order of the RCA Annual Report list
·       Fixed breadcrumb text for entities without an RCA Acronym assigned; the first part of the entity’s name is now displayed.

Updates to Detail Pages
·       Updated logic for displaying Parties on the Matter Details and Hearing Details pages to remove duplicates
·       Updated display of associated documents on the Hearing Details and Meeting Details pages, making them consistent with other pages and enabling the shopping cart.  This affects transcripts and similar hearing-specific documents.

Updates to Secure Home Page & Electronic Filing
·       Added a Users tab that displays all current users (and their permissions) associated with the entities with which the currently logged in user is also associated
·       On Submit Tariff Filing, added explanatory text to explain the button options on the first page
·       On Submit Tariff Filing, clarified the text on the request for expedited treatment field
·       On Submit Tariff Filing, fixed the Finished screen to display tariff matter description as well as the number
·       On Submit Tariff Filing, updated process when getting a new tariff advice number so that the user is only prompted for a single description/synopsis

Date Issued: 12/19/2008