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Matter NumberEntitiesMatter DescriptionUtility TypeDate OpenedDate Closed
P-22-013 Oliktok Pipeline CompanyApplication-Approval of Connection AgreementPipeline 11/1/2022
P-22-012  Application-Connection Permit of Oliktok Pipeline Company with ACES Production FacilityPipeline 11/1/2022
P-22-011 Kuparuk Transportation Company; Oil Search (USA), Inc.Application-Approval of Connection AgreementPipeline 5/24/2022
P-22-010 Kuparuk Transportation Company; Oil Search (USA), Inc.Application-Connection Permit of Kuparuk Pipeline with Pikka Sales Oil PipelinePipeline 5/24/2022
P-22-007 Oil Search (USA), Inc.Application-New Certificate for Oil Search (USA), Inc. to Construct and Operate Pikka Oil Pipeline Pipeline 4/21/2022
P-22-005 MPLX LP; Tesoro Alaska Pipeline Company; Tesoro Logistics Pipeline LLCApplication-Transfer CPCN 309 and Ownership to Tesoro Alaska Pipeline Company LLC Pipeline 1/12/2022
P-21-012 Nutaaq Pipeline LLC; Savant Alaska LLCApplication-Savant Alaska's Acquistion of Badami Pipeline Holding's 32.5% Interest in Nutaaq PipelinePipeline 12/8/2021
P-21-011 Milne Point Pipeline, LLCApplication-Discontinue CPCN No. 638, Amend CPCN No. 329 , & Include Milne Point Product Pipeline as Part of the Milne Point Oil Pipeline SystemPipeline 11/16/2021
P-21-009 Andeavor LLC; Kenai Pipe Line Company; Marathon Petroleum CorporationApplication-Transfer Certificate from Kenai Pipe Line Company to Kenai Pipe Line Company LLC Pipeline 9/13/2021
P-21-006 Anchor Point Energy, LLC; Cook Inlet Energy, LLC; Gardes Holdings, Inc.Application-Acquisition Gardes Holdings to Acquire Cook Inlet Energy's Interest in Anchor Point Energy (North Fork Pipeline)Pipeline 4/1/2021
P-19-017 BP Pipelines (Alaska) Inc.; Harvest Alaska, LLCApplication-Transfer Certificate No. 311 from BP Pipelines (Alaska) to Harvest Alaska (TAPS) Pipeline 9/27/2019
P-19-016 BP Pipelines (Alaska) Inc.; Harvest Alaska, LLC; Milne Point Pipeline, LLCApplication-Transfer BP Pipelines (Alaska) Interest in Milne Point Pipeline to Harvest Alaska (Oil & Product Pipelines)Pipeline 9/27/2019
P-19-015 BP Pipelines (Alaska) Inc.; Harvest Alaska, LLC; PTE Pipeline LLCApplication-Transfer BP Pipelines (Alaska) Interest in PTE Pipeline to Harvest Alaska (Point Thomson Export Pipeline)Pipeline 9/27/2019
P-18-009 Cook Inlet Pipe Line, LLCApplication-Discontinue Drift River Terminal and FacilitiesPipeline 6/5/2018
P-18-007 Cook Inlet Pipe Line, LLC; Swanson River Oil Pipeline, LLCApplication-Permit to Connect and Approval of Connection Agreement Between Cook Inlet Pipe Line Company and Swanson River Oil PipelinePipeline 2/28/2018
P-17-009 Cook Inlet Pipe Line, LLCApplication-New Certificate of Cook Inlet Pipe Line Company for Natural Gas Pipeline Transportation Pipeline 9/8/2017
P-17-008 Kenai Beluga Pipeline, LLCApplication-New Certificate of Kenai Beluga Pipeline for Oil Pipeline Transportation Pipeline 9/8/2017
P-17-007 Cook Inlet Pipe Line, LLCApplication-Extend, Modify, & Reconfigure Cook Inlet Pipeline SystemPipeline 9/8/2017
P-14-005 Anadarko Petroleum Corporation; BP Pipelines (Alaska) Inc.; ConocoPhillips Transportation Alaska, Inc.; ExxonMobil Pipeline Company; Flint Hills Resources Alaska, LLC; Petro Star Inc.; State of Alaska; Tesoro Alaska Company; Trans Alaska Pipeline SystemInvestigation to Consider Revising TAPS Quality Bank MethodologyPipeline 2/5/2014
P-04-021 BP Pipelines (Alaska) Inc.; ConocoPhillips Transportation Alaska, Inc.; ExxonMobil Pipeline Company; Koch Alaska Pipeline Company, LLC; Trans Alaska Pipeline System; Unocal Pipeline CompanyApplication-Discontinue Use of Certain Pump Stations and Related Facilities of TAPSPipeline 10/7/2004

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