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Matter NumberEntitiesMatter DescriptionUtility TypeDate OpenedDate Closed
R-16-001  Regulations - Confidential Records (3 AAC 48.040)All 7/5/2016
R-15-007 GCI Communication Corp.Regulations Petition (GCI) - Expand AUSF Contribution BaseTelecomm (IXC) 11/10/2015
R-15-006  Regulations Docket - Tariff Form and Filing RequirementsAll 8/21/2015
R-15-005  Regulations - Annual Operations Reports (Economically Regulated Utilities/Pipeline Carriers)All 7/15/2015
R-15-004  Regulations - Ongoing Reporting ObligationsAll 7/13/2015
R-15-002  Regulations - Electronic Filing (Non-Docketed Matters)All 4/3/2015
R-08-001  Regulations - Water-Power Development Projects Regulatory ProgramElectric 1/22/2008

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