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Matter NumberEntitiesMatter DescriptionUtility TypeDate OpenedDate Closed
U-17-053  New Docket  6/22/2017
U-17-052  Federal Local Rate Floor InformationTelecomm (LEC) 6/21/2017
U-17-051  Federal High-Cost/Low-Income/Mobility Fund Support InformationTelecomm (LEC) 6/21/2017
U-17-050  FY 2017 Federal Intercarrier Compensation Support InformationTelecomm (LEC) 6/21/2017
U-17-049 Cordova Wireless Communications, LLC2017 ETC Report - Cordova Wireless Communications, Inc. (wireless)  6/21/2017
U-17-048 Cordova Wireless Communications, LLC2017 ETC Report - Cordova Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (wireline)  6/21/2017
U-17-047 Arctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative, Inc.2017 ETC Report - Arctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative, Inc. (wireline & wireless)  6/20/2017
U-17-046 Windy City Cellular, LLC2017 ETC Report - Windy City Cellular (wireless)Utility type not set 6/20/2017
U-17-045 Adak Eagle Enterprises LLC2017 ETC Report - Adak Telephone Utility (wireline)  6/20/2017
U-17-044 BlueArctic Waste Solutions, LLCAcquisition of Controlling Interest - BlueArctic Waste Solutions (Residential and Commercial Refuse)  6/19/2017
U-17-043 Yukon Telephone Company, Inc.2017 ETC Report - Yukon Telephone Company (wireline)  6/15/2017
U-17-042 United-KUC, Inc.2017 ETC Report - United-KUC, Inc. (wireline)  6/15/2017
U-17-041 United Utilities, Inc.2017 ETC Report - United Utilities (wireline)  6/15/2017
U-17-040 SCRS Acquisition Corporation ; Securus Technologies, IncAcquisition of Controlling Interest - Securus to SCRS   6/14/2017
U-17-039 City of Wasilla; Eagle Utilities, Inc.Certificate Transfer - City of Wasilla to Eagle Utilities, Inc. (Water)Water 5/25/2017
U-17-038 Eagle Utilities, Inc.Certificate Application – Eagle Utilities (Water)Water 5/25/2017
U-17-035 GCI Communication Corp.Acquisition of Controlling Interest - Unicom (Interexchange Service)Telecomm (IXC) 5/12/2017
U-17-036 United Utilities, Inc.; United-KUC, Inc.; Yukon Telephone Company, Inc.Acquisition of Controlling Interest - United Utilities, Inc., United-KUC, Inc., and Yukon Telephone Company, Inc.Telecomm (LEC) 5/11/2017
U-17-034 GCI Fiber Communication Co., Inc.Acquisition of Controlling Interest - GCI Fiber Communication Co. (Interexchange)Telecomm (IXC) 5/11/2017
U-17-033 GCI Communication Corp.Acquisition of Controlling Interest - GCI Communication Corp. (Cable)Telecomm (LEC) 5/11/2017
U-17-032 GCI Cable, Inc.Acquisition of Controlling Interest - GCI Cable, Inc.Cable 5/11/2017
U-17-031 Regulatory Commission of AlaskaFY2018 Power Cost Equalization Base AmountElectric 5/10/2017
U-17-030 EYECOM, IncorporatedCertificate Application - Eyecom (Broadband Video Service)  5/9/2017
U-17-029 Matanuska Telephone Association, Inc.Petition to Remove Public Interest Pay Telephone - Matanuska Telephone AssociationTelecomm (PPTP) 5/8/2017
U-17-028  Establishment of the Fiscal Year 2018 Regulatory Cost Charges for Public Utilities  5/8/2017
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