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Matter NumberEntitiesMatter DescriptionUtility TypeDate OpenedDate Closed
U-17-008 Municipality of AnchorageTariff Suspension (Rates) - the Municipality of Anchorage d/b/a Municipal Light & Power Department (TA357-121)  2/13/2017
U-17-009 Golden Valley Electric Association, Inc.Petition for Modification under 3 AAC 50.750(c) - GVEAElectric 2/13/2017
U-17-007 Golden Valley Electric Association, Inc.Tariff Suspension (Rates) - Golden Valley Electric Association (TA293-13)Electric 1/27/2017
U-17-006 Bowhead Communication Services, LLCDiscontinuance of Service - Bowhead Communication Services, LLC (Local Exchange Service)Telecomm (LEC) 1/26/2017
U-17-005 MTA Communications, LLCRelinquishment of Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (ETC) Designation - MTA WirelessTelecomm (Wireless) 1/20/2017
U-17-004 GCI Cable, Inc.; GCI Communication Corp.Petition for Waiver (3 AAC 52.381(c)) - GCITelecomm (IXC) 1/18/2017
U-17-002 Alaska Electric Light & Power CompanyTariff Suspension (Rates) - Alaska Electric Light & Power (TA455-1)Electric 1/10/2017
U-17-001 Bush-Tell, IncorporatedAcquisition of Controlling Interest - Bush-Tell, Inc. to William Douglas DeVore (Local Exchange)Telecomm (LEC) 1/6/2017
U-16-112 Fairbanks Sewer & Water, Inc.; Inland Pacific Resources, Inc.Acquisition of Controlling Interest - Corix Utility Systems Alaska (Doyon Utilities)  12/30/2016
U-16-111 Alascom, Inc.; Alaska Exchange Carriers Association, Inc.; GCI Communication Corp.Petition (Access Charges Revenue Requirements - AECA (Pooling Local Exchange Carriers)Telecomm (LEC) 12/29/2016
U-16-110 Alaska Telephone CompanyWaiver Request (Depreciation Study) - Alaska Telephone CompanyTelecomm (LEC) 12/23/2016
U-16-109 Interior Telephone Company, Inc.Waiver Request (Depreciation Study) - Interior Telephone CompanyTelecomm (LEC) 12/23/2016
U-16-108 CenturyLink Communications. LLC; Level 3 Communications, LLCAcquisition of Controlling Interest - Level 3 to CenturyLink (Local Exchange Service)Telecomm (LEC) 12/19/2016
U-16-107 North Star RefuseCertificate Application (North Star Refuse)Refuse 12/12/2016
U-16-095 Matanuska Electric Association, Inc.Petition to Create Regulatory Asset for Recovery of Costs-Matanuska ELectric Association, Inc. (Miscellaneous Power Supply Studies and Plans)Electric 12/1/2016
U-16-094 Municipality of AnchorageRequest to Establish Depreciation Rates - Municipality of Anchorage d/b/a Municipal Light and Power DepartmentElectric 11/29/2016
U-16-093 Acme Transfer Company; Haines SanitiationApplication Certificate Transfer - Acme Transfer Company to HSI (Refuse Service)Refuse 11/28/2016
U-16-092 Chugach Electric Association, Inc.Petition to Create Regulatory Asset for Recovery of Costs - Chugach Electric Association, Inc. (Beluga Power Plant)Electric 11/18/2016
U-16-091 Alaska Electric and Energy Cooperative, Inc.; Homer Electric Association, Inc.Formal Complaint - McKay/Shavelson v. HEA/AEEC  11/18/2016
U-16-090 EarthLink Business, LLCAcquisition of Controlling Interest- WindstreamHoldings/Earthlink Business (Local Exchange Service)Telecomm (LEC) 11/17/2016
U-16-089 Alascom, Inc.Long Term Strategic Plan for Interexchange Carrier of Last Resort - AT& T AlaskaTelecomm (IXC) 11/8/2016
U-16-088 Municipality of Anchorage; Spenard Heights Water SystemApplication - CPCN Service Area Amendment (AWWU/Spenard Heights Water System) Water 11/4/2016
U-16-086 Alaska Electric Light & Power CompanyTariff Suspension - TA453-1 (Rates) - AEL&PElectric 10/31/2016
U-16-087 BlueArctic Waste Solutions, LLCCertificate Amendment - BlueArctic Waste Solutions (Residential Refuse)Refuse 10/27/2016
U-16-085 Alaska Electric and Energy Cooperative, Inc.Deregulation Election - Alaska Electric and Energy Cooperative, Inc.  10/21/2016
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