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Matter NumberEntitiesMatter DescriptionUtility TypeDate OpenedDate Closed
U-19-061 Summit Telephone & Telegraph Company of Alaska, Inc.2019 ETC Report - Summit Telephone  6/17/2019
U-19-060 Copper Valley Wireless, LLC2019 ETC Report - Copper Valley Wireless, LLC  6/17/2019
U-19-059 Adak Eagle Enterprises LLC2019 ETC Report - Adak Eagle Enterprises, LLC  6/17/2019
U-19-058 Windy City Cellular, LLC2019 ETC Report - Windy City Cellular, LLC  6/17/2019
U-19-057 Yukon Telephone Company, Inc.2019 ETC Report - Yukon Telephone Company, Inc.  6/17/2019
U-19-056 TelAlaska2019 ETC Report - TelAlaska Cellular, Inc.  6/17/2019
U-19-055 United-KUC, Inc.2019 ETC Report - United-KUC, Inc.  6/17/2019
U-19-054 United Utilities, Inc.2019 ETC Report - United Utilities, Inc.  6/17/2019
U-19-053 North Country Telephone, Inc.2019 ETC Report - North Country Telephone, Inc.  6/17/2019
U-19-052 Bristol Bay Telephone Cooperative, Inc.2019 ETC Report - Bristol Bay Telephone Cooperative, Inc.  6/17/2019
U-19-051 Bristol Bay Cellular Partnership2019 ETC Report - Bristol Bay Cellular Partnership  6/17/2019
U-19-050 Nushagak Electric & Telephone Cooperative, Inc.2019 ETC Report - Nushagak Electric & Telephone Cooperative  6/17/2019
U-19-049 Cordova Wireless Communications, Inc.2019 ETC Report - Cordova Wireless Communications, Inc.  6/17/2019
U-19-048 Bettles Telephone, Inc.2019 ETC Report - Bettles Telephone Inc.  6/17/2019
U-19-047 Interior Telephone Company, Inc.2019 ETC Report - Interior Telephone Company, Inc.  6/17/2019
U-19-046 Alaska Telephone Company2019 ETC Report - Alaska Telephone Company  6/17/2019
U-19-045 OTZ Telephone Cooperative, Inc.2019 ETC Report - OTZ Telecommunications, Inc.  6/17/2019
U-19-044 Mukluk Telephone Company, Inc.2019 ETC Report - Mukluk Telephone Company, Inc.  6/17/2019
U-19-043 ACS of Fairbanks, LLC2019 ETC Report - ACS of Fairbanks, LLC  6/17/2019
U-19-042 Cordova Telephone Cooperative, Inc.2019 ETC Report - Cordova Telephone Cooperative, Inc.  6/17/2019
U-19-041 City of Ketchikan2019 ETC Report - Ketchikan Public Utilities  6/17/2019
U-19-040 Bush-Tell, Incorporated2019 ETC Report - Bush-Tell, Incorporated  6/17/2019
U-19-039 Copper Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.2019 ETC Report - Copper Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.  6/17/2019
U-19-038 Matanuska Telephone Association, Inc.2019 ETC Report - MTA  6/17/2019
U-19-037 Arctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative, Inc.2019 ETC Report - Arctic Slope  6/17/2019
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