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Matter NumberEntitiesMatter DescriptionUtility TypeDate OpenedDate Closed
U-18-005 Cook Inlet Natural Gas Storage Alaska, LLCTariff Suspension (TA30-733) - Cook Inlet Natural Gas Storage Alaska, LLCGas Storage 1/19/2018
U-18-004 ENSTAR Natural Gas Company, A Division of Semco Energy, Inc.Tariff Suspension (TA299-4) - ENSTAR Natural Gas Company, a Division of SEMCO Energy, Inc.Electric 1/19/2018
U-18-003 Municipality of AnchorageTariff Suspension (Rates) - AWWU (Wastewater) (TA162-126)Sewer 1/8/2018
U-18-002 Municipality of AnchorageTariff Suspension (Rates) - AWWU (Water) (TA161-122)Water 1/8/2018
U-18-001 Alaska Industrial Development & Export Authority; Interior Alaska Natural Gas UtilityAcquisition of Controlling Interest - Fairbanks Natural Gas, LLC (Natural Gas)  1/5/2018
U-17-104 Municipality of AnchorageDepreciation Study - Municipality of Anchorage d/b/a Anchorage Water and Wastewater UtilityWater 12/29/2017
U-17-103 Intellicall Operator Services, Inc.Request - Discontinue Intrastate Interexchange Service (Intellicall Operator Services, Inc.)Telecomm (IXC) 12/22/2017
U-17-102 XYN Communications, LLCApplication for a Certificate by XYN Communications, LLCTelecomm (LEC) 12/21/2017
U-17-101 NuWave Communications,Inc.Application for a Certificate by NuWave Communications, Inc. Telecomm (LEC) 12/21/2017
U-17-100 Chugach Electric Association, Inc.Formal Complaint - Chugach Electric Association, Inc. vs. CIRI Wind, LLC Electric 12/14/2017
U-17-097 Alaska Electric Light & Power Company; Avista CorporationAcquisition of Controlling Interest - Alaska Electric Light & Power Company (Electric)Electric 11/21/2017
U-17-096 Alascom, Inc.; Alaska Exchange Carriers Association, Inc.; GCI Communication Corp.Intrastate Access Charge Rates and Waiver of Manual ProvisionsTelecomm (LEC) 11/15/2017
U-17-095 Municipality of AnchoragePetition (Remove Restriction on the Payment of Dividends) - Anchorage Water UtilityWater 11/9/2017
U-17-094 New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLCPetition for Declaratory Ruling or WaiverTelecomm (Wireless) 11/8/2017
U-17-090 Sand Point Generating LLCTariff Suspension (Rates) - Sand Point Generating (TA251-230)Electric 11/6/2017
U-17-093 TDX North Slope Generating, Inc.Tariff Suspension (Rates) - TDX North Slope Generating (TA187-227)Electric 10/16/2017
U-17-092 TDX Manley Generating, LLCTariff Suspension (Rates) - TDX Manley Generating (TA161-72)Electric 10/16/2017
U-17-091 TDX Adak Generating, LLCTariff Suspension (Rates) - TDX Adak Generating (TA50-684)Electric 10/16/2017
U-17-084 Thomas Bay Power AuthorityDiscontinuance of Service - Thomas Bay Power Authority (Electric Service)Electric 9/6/2017
U-17-081 ACS of the Northland, LLCTariff Suspension (COLR Support) - ACS of the Northland (TA192-359)Telecomm (LEC) 7/31/2017
U-17-080 ACS of Fairbanks, LLCTariff Suspension (COLR Support) - ACS of Fairbanks (TA150-117)Telecomm (LEC) 7/31/2017
U-17-053 Delta Wind Farm, Inc.; Golden Valley Electric Association, Inc.Tariff Suspension (TA29813) - GVEA (QF Request for Interconnection from Delta Wind Farm, Inc.)Electric 6/23/2017
U-17-052  Federal Local Rate Floor InformationTelecomm (LEC) 6/22/2017
U-17-051  Federal High-Cost/Low-Income/Mobility Fund Support InformationTelecomm (LEC) 6/22/2017
U-17-050  FY 2017 Federal Intercarrier Compensation Support InformationTelecomm (LEC) 6/22/2017
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