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Matter NumberEntitiesMatter DescriptionUtility TypeDate OpenedDate Closed
U-17-083 Municipality of AnchoragePetition to Create Regulatory AssetUtility type not set 8/18/2017
U-17-082 GCI Cable, Inc.Acquisition of Controlling Interest - GCI Communication Corp. (Cable)Cable 8/2/2017
U-17-081 ACS of the Northland, LLCTariff Suspension (COLR Support) - ACS of the Northland (TA192-359)Telecomm (LEC) 7/31/2017
U-17-080 ACS of Fairbanks, LLCTariff Suspension (COLR Support) - ACS of Fairbanks (TA150-117)Telecomm (LEC) 7/31/2017
U-17-078 OTZ Telecommunications, LLC2017 ETC Report - OTZ Telecommunications (wireless)Telecomm (Wireless) 7/13/2017
U-17-077 ACS of Fairbanks, LLC2017 ETC Report - ACS of Fairbanks, LLC (wireline)Telecomm (LEC) 7/13/2017
U-17-076 ACS of the Northland, LLC2017 ETC Report - ACS of the Northland, LLC (wireline)Telecomm (LEC) 7/13/2017
U-17-075 ACS of Anchorage, LLC2017 ETC Report - ACS of Anchorage, LLC (wireline)Telecomm (LEC) 7/13/2017
U-17-074 Alaska Communications Systems, Inc.2017 ETC Report - ACS of Alaska, LLC (wireline)Telecomm (LEC) 7/13/2017
U-17-073 Interior Telephone Company, Inc.2017 ETC Report - Interior Telephone Company (wireline)Telecomm (LEC) 7/13/2017
U-17-072 Telalaska2017 ETC Report - TelAlaska Cellular, Inc. (wireless)Telecomm (Wireless) 7/13/2017
U-17-071 Copper Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.2017 ETC Report - Copper Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (wireline)Telecomm (LEC) 7/13/2017
U-17-070 Copper Valley Wireless, LLC2017 ETC Report - Copper Valley Wireless, LLC (wireless)Telecomm (Wireless) 7/13/2017
U-17-069 Bristol Bay Cellular Partnership2017 ETC Report - Bristol Bay Cellular Partnership (wireless)Telecomm (Wireless) 7/13/2017
U-17-068 OTZ Telephone Cooperative, Inc.2017 ETC Report - OTZ Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (wireline)Telecomm (LEC) 7/13/2017
U-17-067 Mukluk Telephone Company, Inc.2017 ETC Report - Mukluk Telephone Company (wireline)Telecomm (LEC) 7/13/2017
U-17-066 Bristol Bay Telephone Cooperative, Inc.2017 ETC Report - Bristol Bay Telephone Cooperative (wireline)Telecomm (LEC) 7/13/2017
U-17-065 Summit Telephone & Telegraph Company of Alaska, Inc.2017 ETC Report - Summit Telephone Company (wireline)Telecomm (LEC) 7/13/2017
U-17-064 Nushagak Electric & Telephone Cooperative, Inc.2017 ETC Report - Nushagak Electric and Telephone Cooperative (wireline)Telecomm (LEC) 7/13/2017
U-17-063 Bush-Tell, Incorporated2017 ETC Report - Bush-Tell, Inc. (wireline)Telecomm (LEC) 7/13/2017
U-17-062 GCI Communication Corp.2017 ETC Report - GCI Communication Corp. d/b/a General Communication, Inc. and GCI (wireline & wireless)Telecomm (Wireless) 7/13/2017
U-17-061 New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC2017 ETC Report - AT&T Mobility (wireless)Telecomm (Wireless) 7/13/2017
U-17-060 Alaska Telephone Company2017 ETC Report - Alaska Telephone Company (wireline)Telecomm (LEC) 7/13/2017
U-17-059 Bettles Telephone, Inc.2017 ETC Report - Bettles Telephone Inc. (wireline)Telecomm (LEC) 7/13/2017
U-17-058 North Country Telephone, Inc.2017 ETC Report - North Country Telephone (wireline)Telecomm (LEC) 7/13/2017
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