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Matter NumberEntitiesMatter DescriptionUtility TypeDate OpenedDate Closed
U-24-009 Chugach Electric Association, Inc.Tariff Suspension TA550-8/TA428-121 (BRU GTP) - Chugach Electric 3/29/2024
U-24-008 Municipality of AnchorageTariff Suspension-AWWU (TA179-122 Tariff Revision)Water 3/8/2024
U-24-007 GCI Communication Corp.Petition-Declaratory Ruling or Waiver of 3 AAC 53.410(a)(12)(A) - GCITelecomm (LEC) 3/4/2024
U-24-006 Municipality of AnchorageTariff Suspension (Rates)-Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility (Wastewater TA180-126) Sewer 2/12/2024
U-24-005 Municipality of AnchorageTariff Suspension (Rates)-Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility (Water TA178-122) Water 2/12/2024
U-24-004 Gwitchyaa Zhee Utility CompanyTariff Suspension TA148-63 (Revenue Requirement) - GZUCElectric 1/30/2024
U-24-002 Chugach Electric Association, Inc.Chugach Electric Association Inc. - Petition to Modify the Beluga River Unit Contributed Capital Surcharge/RebateElectric 1/17/2024
U-24-001 IM Telecom, LLCEligible Telecommunications Carrier (ETC) Designation-IM Telecom d/b/a Infiniti MobileTelecomm (Wireless) 1/2/2024
U-23-073 Alaska Waste-Ketchikan, LLCTariff Suspension (Rev Requirement)-Alaska Waste-Ketchinkan (TA60-656)Refuse 12/29/2023
U-23-072 Alaska Waste-Nome, LLCTariff Suspension (Rev Requirement)-Alaska Waste-Nome (TA52-655)Refuse 12/29/2023
U-23-071 Alaska Waste-Dutch Harbor, LLCTariff Suspension (Rev Requirement)-Alaska Waste-Dutch Harbor (TA54-654)Refuse 12/29/2023
U-23-070 Alaska Waste-Juneau, LLCTariff Suspension (Rates)-Alaska Waste-Juneau (TA65-653)Refuse 12/29/2023
U-23-069 Alaska Waste-Denali, LLCTariff Suspension (Rev Requirement)-Alaska Waste-Denali (TA59-502)Refuse 12/29/2023
U-23-068 Alaska Waste - Kenai Peninsula, LLCTariff Suspension (Rev Requirement)-Alaska Waste-Kenai (TA107-714)Refuse 12/29/2023
U-23-067 Alaska Waste - Interior, LLCTariff Suspension (Rev Requirement)-Alaska Waste-Interior (TA129-667)Refuse 12/29/2023
U-23-066 Alaska Waste Mat-Su, LLCTariff Suspension (Rev Requirement)-Alaska Waste-Mat-Su (TA107-731)Refuse 12/29/2023
U-23-065 Waste Connections of Alaska, Inc.Tariff Suspension (Rev Requirement)-Waste Connections (TA149-692)Refuse 12/29/2023
U-23-054 Alaska Power CompanyTariff Suspension-APC (TA909-2 Rate Case/TA910-2 & TA913-2 COPA/PCE/SFPPR)Electric 9/28/2023
U-23-055 OTZ Telephone Cooperative, Inc.Petition to Move First Point of Switching - OTZTelecomm (LEC) 9/27/2023
U-23-053 G & K, INC.Tariff Suspension (Rates)-G & K, Inc. (TA200-88 & TA201-88) Electric 9/25/2023
U-23-052 Golden Valley Electric Association, Inc.Application - GVEA Amend CPCNElectric 9/22/2023
U-23-048 Chugach Electric Association, Inc.Tariff Suspension (Rates)-Chugach Electric Association Inc. (TA422-121) Electric 8/17/2023
U-23-047 Chugach Electric Association, Inc.Tariff Suspension (Rates)-Chugach Electric Association Inc. (TA544-8) Electric 8/17/2023
U-23-011  FY2023 Intercarrier Compensation Support InformationTelecomm (All) 5/19/2023
U-23-004 Unified Alaskan UtilitiesTariff Suspension-Unified Alaskan Utilities (TA15-730 Rev Requirement)Water 2/2/2023
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