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Matter NumberEntitiesMatter DescriptionUtility TypeDate OpenedDate Closed
U-20-071 Chugach Electric Association, Inc.Tariff Suspension - Chugach Electric Association (TA494-8, Gas Transfer Price)Electric 10/9/2020
U-20-070 D&E Property Services, LLC Application - New CPCN (Central Garbage)Refuse 9/2/2020
U-20-069 United Utilities, Inc.; United-KUC, Inc.; Yukon Telephone Company, Inc.Application-Acquisition Controlling Interest in Certificates Held by United Utilities, United-KUC, and Yukon Telephone Co.Telecomm (LEC) 8/28/2020
U-20-067 GCI Communication Corp.Application-Acquisition of Controlling Interest in Certificates Held by GCI Communication Corp.Telecomm (LEC) 8/28/2020
U-20-066 GCI Fiber Communication Co., Inc.Application-Acquisition Controlling Interest in Certificate held by GCI Fiber Communication Co Telecomm (IXC) 8/28/2020
U-20-065 GCI Cable, Inc.Application for Acquisition-Controlling Interest in Certificates Held by GCI CableCable (Unregulated) 8/28/2020
U-20-063 6 Mile Homeowners AssociationApplication (Initial Finding) - 6 Mile Homeowners Association Water 7/14/2020
U-20-029  FY 2020 Federal Intercarrier Compensation Support InformationTelecomm (All) 6/16/2020
U-20-028 Fairbanks Natural Gas, LLC; Interior Alaska Natural Gas UtilityApplication (Amendment Certificate Nos. 753 (IGU) and 514 (FNG))Natural Gas 6/9/2020
U-20-027 Fairbanks Natural Gas, LLC; Interior Alaska Natural Gas UtilityApplication (Amendment Certificate Nos. 778 (IGU) and 777 (FNG))Natural Gas 6/9/2020
U-20-026 Tanadgusix CorporationApplication (Transfer Certificate No. 749) - Tanadgusix CorporationElectric 6/2/2020
U-20-025 TDX North Slope Generating, Inc.Application (Transfer Certificate No. 227) - TDX North Slope Generating, Inc.Electric 6/2/2020
U-20-018  TRS - Interim RateTelecomm (All) 5/14/2020
U-20-015  Covid-19 Public Health Emergency Tariff Deviation (SB 241)All 5/1/2020
U-20-013 MasTec Network Solutions, LLCApplication for Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity; CLEC for MasTec Network Solutions, LLC  4/24/2020
U-20-012 Cook Inlet Natural Gas Storage Alaska, LLCTariff Suspension (General Rule Revision, TA37-733)-CINGSANatural Gas Storage 4/16/2020
U-20-011 Alpat Water Utility, LLCApplication-Amend CPCN (Name) (Alpat)Water 3/26/2020
U-20-010 Alaska Waste-Ketchikan, LLCRevenue Requirement - ALASKA WASTE - KETCHIKAN (Refuse)Refuse 2/6/2020
U-20-009 Alaska Waste-Nome, LLCRevenue Requirement - ALASKA WASTE - NOME (Refuse)Refuse 2/6/2020
U-20-008 Alaska Waste-Dutch Harbor, LLCRevenue Requirement - ALASKA WASTE - DUTCH HARBOR (Refuse)Refuse 2/6/2020
U-20-007 Alaska Waste-Juneau, LLCRevenue Requirement - ALASKA WASTE - JUNEAU (Refuse)Refuse 2/6/2020
U-20-006 Alaska Waste-Denali, LLCRevenue Requirement - ALASKA WASTE - DENALI (Refuse)Refuse 2/6/2020
U-20-005 Alaska Waste - Kenai Peninsula, LLCRevenue Requirement - ALASKA WASTE – KENAI (Refuse)Refuse 2/6/2020
U-20-004 Alaska Waste - Interior, LLCRevenue Requirement - ALASKA WASTE – INTERIOR (Refuse)Refuse 2/6/2020
U-20-003 Alaska Waste Mat-Su, LLCRevenue Requirement - ALASKA WASTE MAT-SU (Refuse)Refuse 2/6/2020
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