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 Tracking NumberDateTypeDescriptionRelated Matters
TR1806493 11/16/2018Notice of Filing Notice of Filing of City of Seward's Resolution Addressing Formation of a Regional Transmission Company
TR1806488 11/16/2018Reports & Studies2018 Outage Report (10/20/18 - 10/21/18) CPCN 419 and 489 for GCI COMMUNICATIONS CORP. d/b/a GENERAL COMMUNICATION, INC., d/b/a GCI
TR1806490 11/16/2018RequestRequest for Approval of Connection Agreement for Alpine Transportation Company
TR1806489 11/16/2018ApplicationApplication for Connection Permit and Temporary Connection Permit by Alpine Transportation Company
TR1806485 11/16/2018Reports & Studies2018 TRS Monthly (October) Report CPCN 750 for Sprint Communication Company L.P.
TR1806479 11/16/2018Reports & Studies2018 TRS Monthly (September) Report CPCN 750 Sprint Communications Company L.P.
TR1806492 11/16/2018Tariff-Supplemental Filing Alaska Electric Light & Power Company (Tariff Supplement- Amend Wording in Tarif Advice Letter)
TR1806491 11/16/2018Reports & Studies2018 Annual Greenhouse Gas Report for Copper Valley Electric Association, Inc.
TR1806487 11/16/2018PCE (Non-Regulated)2018 PCE Annual Report Extension Request CPCN 254 for North Slope Borough d/b/a North Slope Borough Power & Light System
TR1806486 11/16/2018PCE (Non-Regulated)2018 PCE Fuel Report (10/01/18 - 10/31/18) CPCN 363 for City of Tenakee Springs, D/B/A Tenakee Springs Electric Utility
TR1806333 11/16/2018Staff MemorandumStaff Memorandum for Middle Kuskokwim Electric Cooperative, Inc.
L1800471 11/16/2018Letter OrderL1800471:
TA162-92 Tanana Power Company, Inc. (TPC) - COPA/PCE/SFPPR Validated Copy of Tariff Sheet Nos. 80, 86, and 87, filed October 22, 2018.
L1800470 11/16/2018Letter OrderL1800470:
TA141-44 McGrath Light and Power Company (ML&P) - COPA/PCE/SFPPR Validated Copies of Tariff Sheet Nos. 82 and 87, filed October 8, 2018, and Tariff Sheet No. 84, filed October 30, 2018.
L1800469 11/16/2018Letter OrderL1800469:
TA148-343 Middle Kuskokwim Electric Cooperative, Inc. (MKEC) - COPA/PCE/SFPPR Validated Copies of Tariff Sheet Nos. 20, 21.3, and 23, filed October 15, 2018.
L1800468 11/16/2018Letter OrderL1800468:
TA307-4 ENSTAR Natural Gas Company (ENSTAR) - Miscellaneous (Annual Shipper's Share Revision) Validated Copy of Tariff Sheet No. 121, filed November 5, 2018.
L1800467 11/16/2018Letter OrderL1800467:
TA462-8 Chugach Electric Association, Inc. (Chugach) - Miscellaneous (Removal of Billing and Contract Forms) Validated Copies of Tariff Sheet Nos. 7, 8, 8.1, Appendix A, and Appendix B, filed October 9, 2018.
L1800465 11/16/2018Letter OrderL1800465:
Letter Order to PC73-0913Y, Village of Venetie - Fuel Report
L1800464 11/16/2018Letter OrderL1800464:
Letter Order to PC90-1116K, Tanalian Electric Cooperative, Inc. - Fuel Report
L1800463 11/16/2018Letter OrderL1800463:
Letter Order to PC81-0318A, Nushagak Electric & Telephone Coop., Inc. - Fuel Report and Surcharge Change
L1800462 11/16/2018Letter OrderL1800462:
Letter Order to PC09-0917D, Hughes Power & Light Co. - Fuel Report
L1800461 11/16/2018Letter OrderL1800461:
Letter Order to PC69-1014N, Elfin Cove Electric Utility - Fuel Report and Rate Change
L1800460 11/16/2018Letter OrderL1800460:
Letter Order to PC15-0417T, Cordova Electric Cooperative, Inc. - Fuel Report, Surcharge Change, and Rate Change
L1800459 11/16/2018Letter OrderL1800459:
Letter Order to PC70-0317L, Circle Electric, LLC. - Fuel Report and Surcharge Change
TR1806477 11/15/2018Tariff-Supplemental FilingTDX Adak Generating (Supplemental Filing re: Progress Update)
TR1806478 11/15/2018TariffTDX Manley Generating - COPA/PCE/SFPPR
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