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 Tracking NumberDateTypeDescriptionRelated Matters
TR2105439 9/17/2021BriefOffice of the Attorney General’s Closing Argument (Department of Law RAPA)
TR2105442 9/17/2021BriefChugach Electric Association, Inc.’s Post-Hearing Brief
TR2105444 9/17/2021TariffChugach Electric Association, Inc. (Tariff re: Gas Sale and Purchase Agreement)
TR2105438 9/17/2021TariffChugach Electric Association, Inc. (Tariff re: Gas Sale and Purchase Agreement)
TR2105433 9/17/2021Notice of Filing Office of the Attorney General’s Notice of Filing Prefiled Testimony (Department of Law RAPA)
TR2105431 9/17/2021TestimonyPrefiled Testimony of Fiona K. Yiu (Department of Law RAPA)
TR2105432 9/17/2021TestimonyPrefiled Testimony of Jennifer L. Mainor (Department of Law RAPA)
TR2105436 9/17/2021PCE (Non-Regulated)2020/2021 PCE Extension Request for Annual Report CPCN 357 for City of Ouzinkie
TR2105434 9/17/2021PCE (Non-Regulated)2020 Supplement to PCE Annual Report CPCN 319 for Napakiak Ircinraq Power Company
TR2105430 9/17/2021General CorrespondenceGeneral Correspondence for Peninsula Refuse, LLC
TR2105429 9/17/2021CommentsComments of The Alaska Remote Carrier Coalition on Alaska Communications Motion to Bifurcate
L2100321 9/17/2021Letter OrderL2100321:
TA329-4 ENSTAR Natural Gas Company (ENSTAR) - Miscellaneous (Housekeeping Revisions) Validated Copies of Tariff Sheet Nos. 87, 165, 190, and 212, filed August 3, 2021.
L2100320 9/17/2021Letter OrderL2100320:
TA203-227 TDX North Slope Generating, LLC (TNSG) - COPA/SFPPR Validated Copies of Tariff Sheet Nos. 62 and 79, filed August 18, 2021.
L2100319 9/17/2021Letter OrderL2100319:
TA499-1 Alaska Electric Light and Power (AEL&P) - General Rate Revision (Dual Fuel Rate Revision) Validated Copies of Tariff Sheet Nos. 126 and 146, filed August 13, 2021.
L2100316 9/17/2021Letter OrderL2100316:
Letter Order to PC51-0120H, Pedro Bay Village Electric Utility - Fuel Report
L2100314 9/17/2021Letter OrderL2100314:
Letter Order to PC24-0317H, Kwig Power Company - Fuel Report
L2100313 9/17/2021Letter OrderL2100313:
Letter Order to PC44-1018G, Ipnatchiaq Electric Company - Fuel Report
L2100312 9/17/2021Letter OrderL2100312:
Letter Order to PC23-1216W, Igiugig Village Council - Fuel Report
L2100311 9/17/2021Letter OrderL2100311:
Letter Order to PC70-0317PP, Circle Electric, LLC - Fuel Report and Surcharge Change
L2100310 9/17/2021Letter OrderL2100310:
Letter Order to PC66-0217O, Birch Creek Tribal Council d/b/a Birch Creek Electric Company - Fuel Report
TR2105422 9/16/2021CommentsPublic Comment for U-21-066 by Connie Fredenberg
TR2105415 9/16/2021ApplicationApplication for Registration by Onvoy, LLC.
TR2105419 9/16/2021ApplicationCPCN Application
TR2105427 9/16/2021Informal ComplaintGeneral Correspondence for C-21-137
TR2105426 9/16/2021Informal ComplaintGeneral Correspondence for C-21-137
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