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 Tracking NumberDateTypeDescriptionRelated Matters
TR1900359 1/18/2019Reports & Studies2018 Annual Lifeline ETC Certification for GCI Communication Corp
TR1900353 1/18/2019Supplemental FilingNotice of Unavailability & Change of Address for ENSTAR Natural Gas Company, a division of SEMCO Energy, Inc.
TR1900351 1/18/2019Reports & Studies2018 Annual Lifeline ETC Certification for ASTAC Wireless, Inc.
TR1900350 1/18/2019Reports & Studies2018 Annual Lifeline ETC Certification for Arctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative
TR1900349 1/18/2019Compliance FilingCIPL's Compliance Filing of Report on Refunds and Confidential Filing of Refund Calculations
TR1900348 1/18/2019ReplyProvidence's Response to ML&P's Petition for Confidential Treatment
TR1900346 1/18/2019TariffMatanuska Electric Association, Inc. (Cost Element for Purchased Power)
TR1900340 1/18/2019RequestAWWU's Proposed Refund Plan and Request for Release of Funds from Escrow with Exhibits A through D
TR1900341 1/18/2019Reports & Studies2018 TRS Monthly (December) Report CPCN 750 for Sprint Communication Company, L.P.
TR1900336 1/18/2019Reports & Studies (Finance)-RCC Quarterly Report 47.050(a),(b)RCC Quarterly Return for 10/1/2018 - 12/31/2018 for Certificate 98 (Alascom, Inc., D/B/A AT&T Alaska)
TR1900358 1/18/2019PCE (Non-Regulated)2018 Annual PCE Report Supplement CPCN 447 for Tanalian Electric Cooperative, Inc.
TR1900357 1/18/2019General CorrespondenceGeneral Correspondence for Network Communications International Corp.
TR1900356 1/18/2019Tariff-Supplemental FilingAnchorage Water and Wastewater Utility (Response to Staff Questions re: Fee Calculations)
TR1900355 1/18/2019Informal ComplaintGeneral Correspondence for C-19-011
TR1900354 1/18/2019Public Notice-OutgoingPublic Notice for Chugach Electric Association, Inc.
TR1900352 1/18/2019PetitionPetition for Confidential Treatment of Refund Calculations for Cook Inlet Pipe Line Company (Confidential material routed to commission vault)
TR1900347 1/18/2019ApplicationApplication for Reregistration by Matrix Telecom, Inc., D/B/A Trinsic Communications
TR1900345 1/18/2019ApplicationApplication for Reregistration by France Telecom Corporate Solutions LLC
TR1900344 1/18/2019Reports & Studies2018 RCC Annual Report CPCN 1 for Alaska Electric Light & Power Company
TR1900343 1/18/2019General CorrespondenceLetter of User Authorization for Kate Rickel of Kenai Beluga Pipeline, LLC and Swanson River Oil Pipeline, LLC
TR1900339 1/18/2019Informal ComplaintGeneral Correspondence for C-19-011
L1900051 1/18/2019Letter OrderL1900051:
TA873-2 Alaska Power Company (APC) - COPA/PCE/SFPPR Validated Copies of Tariff Sheet Nos. 111, 112, 113, 113.1, 114, 115, 116, 118, 118.1, 119, 119.1, 120, and 120.1, filed December 13, 2018, and Tariff Sheet No. 121, filed January 9, 2019.
L1900050 1/18/2019Letter OrderL1900050:
TA465-8 Chugach Electric Association, Inc. (Chugach) - COPA/SFPPR Validated Copies of Tariff Sheet Nos. 94.04, 94.1, 94.1.1, 95.04, 97, 97.1.3, 97.5.1, and 97.6, filed December 20, 2018, and Tariff Sheet Nos. 94, 94.05, 95, 95.05, and 95.5, filed January 11, 2019.
L1900049 1/18/2019Letter OrderL1900049:
TA308-4 ENSTAR Natural Gas Company (ENSTAR) - General Rule Revision (Change of Lobby Hours) Validated Copy of Tariff Sheet No. 10, filed December 13, 2018.
L1900048 1/18/2019Letter OrderL1900048:
TA473-1 Alaska Electric Light and Power Company (AEL&P) - COPA/SFPPR Validated Copies of Tariff Sheet Nos. 131 and 169, filed December 14, 2018, and Tariff Sheet No. 170, filed January 10, 2019.
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