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 Tracking NumberDateTypeDescriptionRelated Matters
L2000066 2/21/2020Letter OrderL2000066:
TA84-406 Norgasco, Inc. (Norgasco) - Gas Cost Adjustment Validated Copy of Tariff Sheet No. 32.01, filed January 10, 2020.
L2000065 2/21/2020Letter OrderL2000065:
TA167-92 Tanana Power Company (TPC) - COPA/PCE/SFPPR Validated Copies of Tariff Sheet Nos. 80, 86, and 87, filed January 16, 2020.
L2000064 2/21/2020Letter OrderL2000064:
TA154-343 Middle Kuskokwim Electric Cooperative, Inc. (MKEC) - COPA/PCE/SFPPR Validated Copies of Tariff Sheet Nos. 21.3, filed February 10, 2020 and 23, filed February 11, 2020.
L2000060 2/21/2020Letter OrderL2000060:
Letter Order to PC73-0913DD, Village of Venetie - Fuel Report
L2000059 2/21/2020Letter OrderL2000059:
Letter Order to PC39-1014GGG, City of Unalaska - Fuel Report and Surcharge Change
L2000058 2/21/2020Letter OrderL2000058:
Letter Order to PC56-0518B, Umnak Power Company - Fuel Report
L2000057 2/21/2020Letter OrderL2000057:
Letter Order to PC12-0518D, Tuntutuliak Community Service Assn. - Fuel Report
L2000056 2/21/2020Letter OrderL2000056:
Letter Order to PC90-1118H, Tanalian Electric Cooperative, Inc. - Surcharge Change
L2000055 2/21/2020Letter OrderL2000055:
Letter Order to PC18-0314U, Stevens Village Energy Systems - Fuel Report
L2000054 2/21/2020Letter OrderL2000054:
Letter Order to PC47-0214FF, Rampart Village Council Electric Utility - Fuel Report
L2000053 2/21/2020Letter OrderL2000053:
Letter Order to PC53-1017E, City of Port Heiden - Fuel Report
L2000052 2/21/2020Letter OrderL2000052:
Letter Order to PC105-1019A, City of Pelican - Fuel Report
L2000051 2/21/2020Letter OrderL2000051:
Letter Order to PC34-0916Q, City of Ouzinkie - Fuel Report and Surcharge Change
L2000050 2/21/2020Letter OrderL2000050:
Letter Order to PC81-0318E, Nushagak Electric & Telephone Coop., Inc. - Rate Change
L2000049 2/21/2020Letter OrderL2000049:
Letter Order to PC94-0119A, Lime Village Traditional Council - Fuel Report
L2000048 2/21/2020Letter OrderL2000048:
Letter Order to PC28-0518C, Levelock Electric Cooperative Inc. - Fuel Report
L2000047 2/21/2020Letter OrderL2000047:
Letter Order to PC09-0917I, Hughes Power & Light Co. - Fuel Report
L2000046 2/21/2020Letter OrderL2000046:
Letter Order to PC69-1014T, Elfin Cove Electric Utility - Fuel Report and Surcharge Change
L2000045 2/21/2020Letter OrderL2000045:
Letter Order to PC82-1216G, City of Egegik - Fuel Report
L2000044 2/21/2020Letter OrderL2000044:
Letter Order to PC84-1116H, City of Clarks Point- Fuel Report
L2000043 2/21/2020Letter OrderL2000043:
Letter Order to PC70-0317Z, Circle Electric, LLC. - Fuel Report
L2000042 2/21/2020Letter OrderL2000042:
Letter Order to PC26-0416BB, Chitina Electric, Inc - Fuel Report
L2000041 2/21/2020Letter OrderL2000041:
Letter Order to PC31-0918C, City of Chignik - Fuel Report
L2000040 2/21/2020Letter OrderL2000040:
Letter Order to PC83-0415I, Chignik Lake Electric - Fuel Report
L2000039 2/21/2020Letter OrderL2000039:
Letter Order to PC27-0417F, Chalkyitsik Village Energy System - Fuel Report
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