Public Notice U-14-081 GVEA:
Notice of Request to Include New Cost Element -

The REGULATORY COMMISSION OF ALASKA (Commission) gives notice that on May 27, 2014, Golden Valley Electric Association, Inc. (GVEA) filed TA253-13, requesting approval of a new cost element to be included in its Cost of Power Adjustment (COPA) methodology. The COPA is the mechanism GVEA utilizes to recover its fuel and purchased power costs. GVEA requested that it be allowed to recover through its COPA the fuel costs associated with a new two-year Fuel Supply Agreement (FSA) between Petro Star and GVEA. This FSA became necessary after Flint Hills Resources Alaska announced it was closing its refinery, which since 2004 had been the exclusive fuel source for GVEA’s oil-fired generators. While GVEA indicated in TA253-14 that a fuel price methodology has been agreed to in a term sheet, the company also stated that the final FSA has not yet been signed and should be finalized shortly. GVEA will file the FSA with the Commission once it is finalized.

U-14-081 Public Notice
Date Issued: 6/9/2014