RCA Advises ENSTAR Small Commercial Customers of Available Lower Residential Rates & Potential Refund
Anchorage, AK - The Consumer Protection Section of the Regulatory Commission of Alaska announced today that ENSTAR small commercial customers may qualify for lower residential rates if their gas service for two or more apartment units is supplied through one meter.

In a recent investigation of an informal complaint, ENSTAR informed the Commission that out of the 10,000 small commercial customers, over 2,600 accounts have been changed from Small Commercial “B” rate to Residential “A” rate. By law, AS 42.05.371, ENSTAR is required to apply rates that are most advantageous to customers. The Commission required ENSTAR to notify all small commercial customers of an opportunity to request a rate adjustment if their apartment units are supplied through one meter and their accounts have not been reclassified to Residential “A” rate. The difference between Small Commercial and Residential rates are as follows:
Small Commercial Schedule “B”
Residential Schedule “A”
Customer Charge (Monthly)
ENSTAR Service Charge (Base)
$0.15501 per Ccf
$0.11054 per Ccf
Supplier Gas Cost (GCA)
$0.70279 per Ccf
$0.70279 per Ccf

Once a customer requests a rate adjustment, ENSTAR will send a representative to the building location to verify qualification for the Residential “A” rate. If the site customer’s eligibility is verified, ENSTAR will change the rate from Small Commercial “B” Rate to Residential “A” Rate and any applicable refunds will be applied to the account or mailed to the customer. A copy of ENSTAR’s Rate Adjustment Request form may be downloaded from the Commission’s website at http://www.state.ak.us/rca.

Enstar Small Commercial Press Release 10/24/07
Date Issued: 10/24/2007