Comment Period Open for Docket R-20-001 et al. Electric
Reliability Organization’s (ERO) Proposed Regulations. 

The Regulatory Commission of Alaska (Commission) proposes in Dockets R-20-001, R-20-002, and R-20-003 to adopt regulations in Title 3 of the Alaska Administrative Code implementing Senate Bill 123, which requires interconnected electric utilities (“load-serving entities”) to participate in a regional electric reliability organization and provides the Commission with authority to certificate and regulate these electric reliability organizations. These regulations will be set out in a new Chapter (3 AAC 46) and proposes regulations from 3 AAC 46.010 through 3 AAC 46.170,
3 AAC 46.220 through 3 AAC 46.270, 3 AAC 46.320 through 3 AAC 46.470, and 3 AAC 46.999.

The Commission has issued Order R-20-001(3)/R-20-002(2)/R-20-003(2) and Appendix on April 29, 2021 (Order 3).  Order 3 was amended in an errata by Order R-20-001(3E)/R-20-002(4E)/R-20-003(4E) on May 3, 2021. 

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Date Issued: 5/4/2021