Public Notice TA355-32 & TA356-32 HEA:
Transmission and Ancillary Service, Transmission Line Loss -


The REGULATORY COMMISSION OF ALASKA (Commission) gives notice that HOMER ELECTRIC ASSOCIATION, INC. (HEA), an electric utility, has filed tariff revisions TA355-32 and TA356-32 in anticipation of the January 1, 2014 termination of its existing all-requirements arrangement with Chugach Electric Association, Inc. 

With TA355-32, HEA proposes to add new firm point-to-point transmission and related ancillary service provisions to its tariff. The proposed inception rates were developed on a reserved capacity (kilowatt) rather than volumetric (kilowatt-hour) basis.  The proposed tariff provisions were modeled after the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Open Access Transmission Tariff, and require two ancillary services to be purchased for transmission service:  scheduling/system control/dispatch, and reactive power/voltage control. 

With TA356-32, HEA proposes to add new tariff provisions governing line losses resulting from transmitting energy from the Bradley Lake Hydroelectric Plant. Transmission line losses will be calculated by measuring total HEA generation, total HEA loads, and the total power flow at each relevant interchange point, and the results will be compared to losses that would naturally exist on the HEA system if no transmission service was provided.

TA355-32 & TA356-32 Public Notice
Date Issued: 11/22/2013