-Added a quick search box for Orders (on the home page and under the Quick Searches tab)
-Added holidays to Calendar of Events
-Updated document search results so supporting documents on filings are added to the shopping cart/downloaded when the filing is selected
-Removed the text about the 255 character limit on public comments filed via the web (public comment synopsis field)
-Fixed link to View Submitted Comments so that comments are displayed
-Fixed fields on Annual Operations Report
-Fixed Forms Library to display Annual Report for refuse when All forms is selected
-Tuned performance on Search by Type: Documents to minimize time-outs

Quarterly RCC Filing Updates
-Added Pay by Wire Transfer functionality
-Added option of reporting no revenue/kWh subject to RCCs for the quarter
-Added printer friendly versions of payment screens
-Updated filing description to include date ranges
-Updated text file (associated with filing) to include date ranges, whether a quarter was amended, etc.
-Fixed rounding issues on large values and penny discrepancies with totals
-Fixed RCC rate and RCC Due for the quarter displayed in the text file
-Fixed errors received whe submitting more than one quarter at a time, if change entity, if certificate is only subject to RCC but not AOR

Please use the Feedback option on the home page if you have any questions or comments

Date Issued: 2/29/2008