The Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA) Seeks Public Comment.

The Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA) seeks public comment on whether it should adopt revised regulations in the following areas:  1) the avoided cost definition and methodology, 2) integration costs for renewable energy production by small and independent power producers, 3) curtailment provisions for production by qualifying facilities, and 4) an open bidding process for renewable energy projects.  Commenters are encouraged to address these issues and the RCA’s statutory authority to undertake the revisions proposed by Alaska Environmental Power, LLC.  (See Docket R-13-002.)  The RCA also encourages commenters to address whether revisions to its existing regulations are necessary.  All comments should reference Docket R-13-002.

Documents in Docket R-13-002 are available by selecting All Open Rule-making Dockets under Top Searches, and choosing Matter Number R-13-002.   

Date Issued: 10/14/2013