Public Notice TA146-122 & TA145-126 AWWU:

Standards for Service Extensions -


The REGULATORY COMMISSION OF ALASKA (Commission) gives notice that the MUNICIPALITY OF ANCHORAGE d/b/a ANCHORAGE WATER AND WASTEWATER UTILITY (AWWU) has filed tariff revisions for its water and sewer utilities (TA146-122 and TA145-126, respectively), proposing several changes to its standards for service extensions. Included in these changes are proposed definitions for Commercial Tract, Fragment Lot, Governmental Lease Lot Area, Lease Lot, and Operational Area.  Additionally, AWWU proposes to add new subsections to Rule 9.5 - Standards for Service Extensions in order to clarify and standardize conditions where service extensions are permitted to cross parcel boundaries.

Public Notice TA146-122 and TA145-126
Date Issued: 6/13/2013