Application for Natural Gas Storage Filed.

Cook Inlet Natural Gas Storage Alaska, LLC ("CINGSA") has filed an application under AS 42.05.221-.241 for a certificate of public convenience and necessity authorizing the provision of natural gas storage services to customers in the Cook Inlet area.  The proposed facility would allow gas to be injected into underground storage during times of lower demand and withdrawn for use at times of higher demand. The CINGSA application is the first request filed by the owner of a natural gas storage facility since the passage of the Cook Inlet Recovery Act, which amended AS 42.05.990(4) to clarify the RCA's jurisdictional authority over natural gas storage facilities. CINGSA has requested a decision on its application by December 1, 2010.  The RCA issued a public notice on August 4, 2010, requesting comments on the application due by 4:30 p.m., August 25, 2010. 

For information pertaining to the CINGSA Application and Docket U-10-051 please click the link below:

Date Issued: 8/5/2010