RCA Consumer Advisory:  Beware of Utility Fraud and Other Holiday Season Phone Scams.

The Regulatory Commission of Alaska’s Consumer Protection and Information Section advises consumers to be on their guard against fraudulent telephone calls from individuals posing as utility employees.  The scammer’s caller ID is falsified so it appears that the call originates from a utility company, a practice known as “spoofing”.  The scammer threatens to disconnect utility service to the home or business unless the customer makes an immediate payment. 

The scam is targeting electric and natural gas utility customers.  Other fraudulent callers may offer holiday deals, focus on specific causes to play on your generosity, or use fear to extort money.

If you suspect a scammer, posing as a utility employee, hang up and contact the utility immediately at the number provided on your utility bill.   You may also report any fraudulent calls and scams to the Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, or the Alaska Office of the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Unit.

Date Issued: 12/4/2017