·     Partial Match on Matter Number in Searches: all matter number fields on Search by Type and Advanced Search will accept a partial match. Therefore, entering U-07 will look for matter numbers that include U-07. In addition, if you enter a docket number, any related appeals will also be returned (the docket number is the root of the appeal number).
·     Single-Criteria Quick Searches: added a single-criteria search for matters, certificates, and entities on the Quick Search page. These searches are an efficient method for going to detail pages if you know the matter number, certificate number, or entity name (or RCA acronym). These searches are the same as those available on the Home Page.
·     Site Map: added site map
·     Extension Requests: submit extension requests for Annual Operating Reports or RCC Quarterly Reports. Available only to logged in users.
·     User-specific Home Page: new tabs available to logged in users, including Pending Actions, Upcoming Events, and Open Matters. These tabs provide a central location for logged in users to view information specific to the entities with which the user is associated. Currently, Pending Actions and Upcoming Events only display information directly related to the entity and do not include pending actions or events associated with matters of which the entity is a part.
·     Public Comments logic change on when to prompt for contact information
·     What's New: moved the Order Number before the Order title


·     Full-text searches search the contents of supporting documents on filings (such as Affidavits of Publication) when determining if a filing matches the user's search criteria. When you add a filing to the Shopping Cart or download it from a document search results screen, any related supporting documents will also be added/downloaded.
·     On Mailsheets (under What's New at the RCA: Daily Filings/Issuances), docket titles, including for informal complaints, are displayed. While the case number and title for informal complaints are displayed, detailed information about the complaint is not available on the website
·     On Search by Type: Certificates, removed the 100 result limit
·     Filings in informal complaints display the case number; however, detailed information about the complaint is not available on the website
·     Added guidelines for full-text search parameters on the search criteria pages
·     Updated display of contracts and interconnection agreements on the Certificate Details page (Special Contracts tab)
·     Corrected Calendar of Events to ensure multi-day hearings display correctly on the All Events tab and that all expected hearings are displayed on the By Utility Type tab
·     Corrected field display on the Certificate Chronology tab of the Certificate Details page
·     Updated display so visited hyperlinks are a different color

Date Issued: 2/1/2008