The Regulatory Commission of Alaska gives notice that Commission Docket No. U-08-105, In the Matter of the Investigation into a Change in Its Credit Card Policy by CHUGACH ELECTRIC ASSOCATION, INC., has been opened to investigate a change in the credit card policies of Chugach Electric Association Inc. (Chugach). 

On August 29, 2008, the Commission opened Docket No. U-08-105 to investigate issues relating to the decision of Chugach to discontinue its present credit card payment program and to consider the effect of this decision on Chugach's current established revenue requirement. In Order No. U-08-1 05( 1), among other items, the Commission required Chugach to delay implementation of any change to the existing AutoPay by Credit Card program.

Interested persons may comment on this docket by submitting written comments to the Regulatory Commission of Alaska, located at 701 West Eighth Avenue, Suite 300, Anchorage, Alaska, 99501. To comment on this filing, please file your comments by September 30, 2008, at either the Commission address given above or via our website at Please reference docket U-08-105 in the subject line of your comments and include a statement that you have filed a copy of the comments with Chugach at its address given above or at

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U-08-105 Corrected Public Notice
Date Issued: 9/15/2008