Public Notice TA365-32 HEA:
Cost of Power Adjustment new cost element -

Notice of Utility Tariff Filing

The REGULATORY COMMISSION OF ALASKA (Commission) gives notice that HOMER ELECTRIC ASSOCIATION, INC. (HEA), an electric utility, has filed tariff revision TA365-32, proposing to revise its Cost of Power Adjustment (COPA) surcharge calculation methodology to add a new cost element to reflect economy energy and spinning reserves purchased from other utilities.  HEA states that such energy purchases would be made when HEA’s subsidiary Alaska Electric and Energy Cooperative, Inc.’s (AEEC) generation capacity is unable to meet customer demand and purchased power can be purchased at a lower cost than would be incurred by starting an additional AEEC generation unit.

RCA Public Notice TA365-32
Date Issued: 8/15/2014