AARP Webinar: How can you learn how to spot and avoid holiday fraud?

Tuesday, December 6, 7 PM ET & PT

Do you know about the latest ways scammers are targeting people during the holidays? The festive season comes with heightened emotions, charitable giving, an increase in package deliveries, and an uptick in spending. These factors give scammers more opportunity to catch people unaware and fool them with various forms of fraud, from gift card scams and charity scams to travel scams and check scams. 

The good news is that you can keep yourself and loved ones safe with help from our holiday scams webinar. You’ll learn all the latest ploys to watch out for, including:

• Email scams advertising hot or hard-to-find gift items
• Scam websites or ads promoting unbelievable bargains
• Social media scams that appear to be shared by friends offering vouchers, gift cards, freebies or contests
• Social media scams selling genuine items at knockoff prices

Our speakers will also offer helpful tips on how to avoid purchasing zero value gift cards as well as advice on everything that comes with a continual increase in online shopping, such as “porch pirates,” fraudulent emails, texts and calls. 

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Date Issued: 11/22/2022