As part of updates to the RCA website on 12/28/07, document searches were updated to include transcripts, etc. and reorganized. As a result of these changes, some RSS feeds may have stopped receiving new items since 12/28/07. If you created an RSS feed from any of the searches below before 12/29/07, you will likely need update the feed using the new searches.

-Search by Type: Documents

-Search by Type: Filings & Issuances Only

-Search by Type: Orders Only

-Advanced Search (Documents or Matters)

To update your feed, delete the existing feed in your news reader (what you are using to view the feeds). Then add a new feed using the updated searches.

If you need help identifying the criteria you previously defined in your feed, please send the address in your existing RSS feed to . We can use that information to help you create a new RSS feed.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. For the foreseeable future, this should be the only time website upgrades affect your RSS feeds.

Date Issued: 1/9/2008