Public Notice TA384-8 Chugach:
New COPA Cost Element - Interruptible Storage Service -

Notice of Utility Tariff Filing

The REGULATORY COMMISSION OF ALASKA (Commission) gives notice that CHUGACH ELECTRIC ASSOCIATION, INC. (Chugach) has filed tariff revision TA384-8, which requests approval to recover of all associated costs incurred under an Interruptible Storage Service (ISS) between Chugach and Cook Inlet Natural Gas Storage Alaska (CINGSA), as a new cost element, to be included in the calculation of the Chugach’s quarterly Fuel and Purchase Power Cost Adjustment surcharge.  Chugach estimates that the annual recurring ISS charge from CINGSA will be up to $0.4 million on an annual basis. Chugach has requested that the Commission waive 3 AAC 52.502(a)(1), requiring that a cost element included in an adjustment clause be subject to change at a rate that would cause financial harm to the utility if the costs were recovered exclusively in base rates.

TA384-8 Public Notice
Date Issued: 1/15/2014