Railbelt Electric Utilities' Generation and Transaction Data (Quarterly Update).

The Regulatory Commission of Alaska's summary of the Railbelt Generation and Transaction Data as of May 20, 2021, is now available.   Click here to access the data.


In Dockets I-15-001, In the Matter of the Evaluation of the Operation and Regulation of the Alaska Railbelt Electric Transmission System, and I-16-002, In the Matter of the Evaluation of the Reliability and Security Standards and Practices of Alaska Electric Utilities, Order No. 14, the Commission required the six Railbelt electric utilities to file quarterly reports relating to their daily generation and transactional data.  More specifically, the Commission required each utility to quarterly file the following daily information: each economy energy sales and purchases; spin transactions, and native load. 

The collection of the quarterly data will be published on the Commission’s website through this link.

Date Issued: 5/20/2021