Public Notice TA402-8 Chugach:
Update G&T line loss factor -

Notice of Utility Tariff Filing

The REGULATORY COMMISSION OF ALASKA (Commission) gives notice that Chugach Electric Association, Inc. (Chugach) filed a tariff revision designated as TA402-8, proposing an annual update to its generation and transmission (G&T) line loss factor based on operating results for the year ending December 2014. The updated G&T line loss factor is used for the allocation of system costs in calculating the fuel surcharge and revenue requirement, and for determination of losses associated with transmission wheeling transactions. The updated G&T line loss factor is 2.312 percent. By means of comparison, previous line loss factors (measured at generation) were 2.486 percent and 2.875 percent based on 2013 and 2012 operating results, respectively. 

TA402-8 Public Notice
Date Issued: 3/19/2015