RCA Congratulates Commissioner Rebecca Pauli for her Time Spent at the RCA and Welcomes Commissioner Antony Scott

On January 24, 2018, Commissioner Rebecca Pauli  announced her resignation after 17 years of service with the State of Alaska.  Commissioner Pauli served over two years of her six-year term as a commissioner.  Effective May 2, 2018, Commissioner Antony Scott will assume the remainder of Commissioner Pauli’s term, which expires March 2022.

Commissioner Scott received his undergraduate degree in Math and Philosophy from the University of California, Berkeley.  His graduate work focused on energy and natural resource economics; he received two Masters’ degrees and a PhD from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Commissioner Scott’s first job in Alaska was as chief Economist at the Regulatory Commission of Alaska.  He spent 12 years at the Alaska’s Department of Natural Resources as a Commercial Analyst, Petroleum Investment Manager, and Commercial Manager, working to maximize state benefits from its oil and gas ownership.  From 2012 to 2015, while at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, he largely focused on electric utilities and challenges to project development and system innovation.  Starting in 2016, he served as Director of Programs and Policy at the Anchorage Municipal Light and Power Department.

Date Issued: 5/1/2018