Seeking Applications For Railbelt Grid Organization Independent Seat (Alternate)

Railbelt utilities and other stakeholders including the State of Alaska, Independent Power Producers, consumer advocates, and others have joined together to form the Railbelt Reliability Council (RRC). The RRC will provide a forum and structure for stakeholders to work together to implement and enforce reliability and cybersecurity standards, and to conduct periodic region-wide integrated resource planning for transmission and generation and to ensure open access to the state’s largest electric transmission grid.

The RRC seeks applications from qualified individuals to fill an open seat on the RRC Board to represent Independent perspectives, specifically to serve as the alternate for the Independent seat (Seat M). The Independent member represents an objective perspective for the entire Railbelt system and is not associated with users, owners or operators of the system or any other advocacy or special interest position. Per the organization’s bylaws, this seat will expire and be up for re-selection at the annual meeting anticipated in December 2023. In addition, if a director’s seat becomes vacant, the alternate for that seat shall assume the role and responsibility of director for that seat. The expectation of alternates is to remain cognizant of all Board business and to attend all meetings of the Board when the director is unavailable, or when the alternate is otherwise required by these Bylaws to vote.

RRC Voting Directors and alternates shall be at least nineteen (19) years of age, not be a convicted felon, have relevant management-level expertise and have experience in one or more of the following disciplines: academia, finance, accounting, electric power industry, engineering, energy development, law, regulation, commercial markets, consumer advocacy, trading and associated risk management, or other relevant expertise. Voting Directors shall be able to represent the broad, diverse interests of the Stakeholder Class to which they have been appointed or elected to represent. The director for Seat M must also meet the independence requirements in 3 AAC 46.070(a), and as amended.

Section 3 AAC 46.070(a) of RCA regulation indicates a board member is independent if none of the following is true:
(1) is an employee of the electric reliability organization;
(2) is employed or contracted by a registered entity, within the interconnected bulk-electric system of the applicable electric reliability organization, that generates, transmits, distributes, or stores electricity for direct compensation, or by a person who is expected to;
(3) has an immediate family member who is employed or contracted by a registered entity, within the interconnected bulk-electric system of the applicable electric reliability organization, that generates, transmits, distributes, or stores electricity for direct;
(4) is reasonably perceived as having, or has an immediate family member who is reasonably perceived as having, a direct and material financial interest in the board's decisions.

The RRC has applied with the Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA) to become the Electric Reliability Organization (ERO) for the Railbelt bulk electric system and is currently engaged in an open RCA docket to determine if it is fit, willing and able to become the ERO, with a decision anticipated by October 2022. During this process, the Board plans to meet monthly on the first Monday of the month at 1:15pm, in addition to other meetings deemed necessary to respond to RCA requests. Individuals interested in applying for this open seat on the RRC Board must submit a letter of interest summarizing your interest and expertise as well as a resume by 5 PM Monday, July 18, 2022 . A final selection decision is planned during the RRC September 12 Board meeting, with a slate of not less than 2, not more than 5 finalists provided to the RRC Board at least 30 days prior.
Board members are not employees of the RRC, but instead will be considered volunteers. Once certified by the RCA, it is anticipated Board members will receive modest meeting fees for their service. Alternate members may receive these fees when acting in place of the primary member. Applicants should consider that Board membership will require a significant time commitment.
More details about the RRC can be found at All questions will be addressed in writing and available to all applicants. Please refer to the link below for additional information including how to submit an application.

This announcement is posted by the RCA on behalf of the RRC as a courtesy.

RRC Public Notice Independent Alternate Seat 6.16.22.pdf
Date Issued: 6/17/2022