Public Notice U-13-010 ACS: Cost Allocation Manual (CAM) and CAM audit -



The REGULATORY COMMISSION OF ALASKA (Commission) gives notice that ACS of Alaska, Inc., ACS of Anchorage, Inc., ACS of Fairbanks, Inc. and ACS of the Northland, Inc., jointly and individually doing business as ACS d/b/a ACS Local Service d/b/a Alaska Communications Systems (ACS) filed a request to terminate the requirement that the company file an annual Cost Allocation Manual (CAM) and CAM audit in conjunction with its annual reports. A CAM describes how a provider separates the cost between regulated and non-regulated activities. In addition, ACS filed a request for an interim extension of time to file its 2013 CAM and CAM audit. Docket U-13-010 was opened to address this matter.

U-13-010 Public Notice
Date Issued: 3/13/2013