Public Notice U-12-150: NORGASCO, INC. - application for expansion of service area.


The REGULATORY COMMISSION OF ALASKA (Commission) gives notice that NORGASCO, INC. (Norgasco), a natural gas utility, has filed an application for an expansion of its service area. The filing was required by Commission Letter Order L1200137, which noted that portions of Norgasco’s transmission line are outside Norgasco’s approved service order and notified Norgasco of the need to seek Commission approval of the service area amendment. Norgasco holds Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity No. 406 and provides natural gas service to industrial customers in Deadhorse, Alaska. The service area extension is expected to more completely encompass portions of connection point with the natural gas supplier located between Drill Site 1 and Flow Station 1. Docket No. U-12-150 was opened to address this matter.

U-12-150 Public Notice
Date Issued: 12/14/2012