Public Notice U-15-089 FSW, GHU, CUC, USAI:

Notice Of Depreciation Filing

The REGULATORY COMMISSION of ALASKA (Commission) gives notice that on June 11, 2015, College Utilities Corporation (CUC) and Golden Heart Utilities, Inc. (GHU) filed a depreciation study proposing revised depreciation rates for the CUC and GHU water and wastewater utilities. The depreciation study also includes proposed depreciation rates for the Utility Services of Alaska, Inc. (USAI) corporate offices. USAI provides administrative support to GHU and CUC. GHU, CUC, and USAI are jointly owned by Fairbanks Sewer and Water, Inc. Docket No. U-15-089 was opened to address this matter. 

U-15-089 Public Notice
Date Issued: 6/16/2015