Public Notice TA150-126 AWWU:
Sewer Line Extension Agreements -

Notice of Utility Tariff Filing.

The REGULATORY COMMISSION OF ALASKA (Commission) gives notice that the Municipality of Anchorage d/b/a ANCHORAGE WATER AND WASTEWATER UTILITY (AWWU) has filed a tariff revision designated as TA150-126.  In TA150-126, AWWU, on behalf of the Anchorage Wastewater Utility, requests Commission approval make the following amendments to Rule 10.1.A {text to be deleted}; text to be added: “Should the {owner serve} sanitary sewer main extension service properties other than {his own} the property owner {and request reimbursement}, construction of the sewer main shall not commence until (i) the Municipality {Assembly}, {by} after public hearing, has approved the proposed agreement, or (ii) the property owner waives all reimbursement from other properties for constructing the sanitary sewer main extension [AS 42.05.385(a) through (e)] and (AMC 19.80.010.B).”

TA150-126 Public Notice
Date Issued: 12/16/2013