Public Notice TA79-692 Alaska Waste:
Residential Fuel Surcharge -


The REGULATORY COMMISSION OF ALASKA (Commission) gives notice that Waste Connection of Alaska Waste, Inc. d/b/a Alaska Waste (Alaska Waste), has filed tariff revision TA79-692, in which it seeks a increase in its Cost of Fuel Surcharge (COFS).  The proposed change would decrease the COFS from 2.6031% of a customer’s bill to 0.8981% of a customer’s bill.  In addition, Alaska Waste seeks Commission authorization to implement future COFS filings the day after filing and asks the Commission to waive public notice in a newspaper for future COFS filings provided they include no change to the approved COFS calculation methodology. 

TA79-692 Public Notice
Date Issued: 12/5/2013