RCA Denies Application Filed by FNG and Approves Application Filed by IANGU.

The Regulatory Commission of Alaska denied an application filed by Fairbanks Natural Gas, LLC (FNG) in Docket U-13-083. The RCA approved an application filed by Interior Alaska Natural Gas Utility (IANGU) in Docket U-13-103.

On April 5, 2013, FNG filed an application to amend its certificate of public convenience and necessity to expand its service area.  On April 22, 2013, IANGU filed an application for a new certificate of public convenience and necessity to provide natural gas distribution in the service area of Fairbanks North Star Borough vicinity. Most of the area IANGU applied for overlaps the area FNG requested in its application for service area expansion.  Because the service area applied for is part of a larger project, the commission found the public interest requires that it grant only one certificate for the whole area.  For the reasons explained in the order, the commission granted a new certificate to IANGU for the entire service area applied for and denied the certificate amendment requested by FNG.

Statements of Commissioners Paul F. Lisankie, Robert Pickett, and Norman Rokeberg were issued with the order.

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Date Issued: 12/20/2013

Date Issued: 12/20/2013