Public Notice TA73-118, TA115-97, TA68-290, TA121-37 GHU, CUC:
Rate Increase -

Notice of Utility Tariff Filings

The REGULATORY COMMISSION OF ALASKA (Commission) gives notice that Golden Heart Utilities, Inc. (GHU) and College Utilities Company (CUC) filed tariff revisions for their water (TA73-118 and TA115-97, respectively) and wastewater utilities (TA68-290 and TA121-37, respectively).  With these filings, GHU and CUC propose an across the board interim rate increase of 15.95 percent for water rates and 15.75 percent for wastewater rates, effective July 1, 2015.  GHU and CUC further request a permanent rate increase of 18.77 percent for water rates and 18.53 percent for wastewater rates, to be effective upon completion of the rate case. 

RCA Public Notice TA73-118, TA115-97, TA68-290 and TA121-37
Date Issued: 5/22/2015