RCA Staff Presentation on New Net Metering and Interconnection Dockets.

In Order R-06-5(7), the commission stated, “Our consideration of a net metering requirement differing from the federal standard allows us to consider the above issues, and may result in a more comprehensive net metering standard. We find such an approach to be more desirable than adopting the federal standard. We will open a regulations docket that considers a net metering requirement, allowing us to fully assess the issues raised by commentors and consider more refined and comprehensive metering rules. Net metering is dependent upon the consumer-producer's ability to interconnect to the serving utility's facilities. We intend to combine consideration of net metering with the adoption of interconnection standards, allowing us to simultaneously consider these interrelated items.”[1]

The attached Staff presentation lays out a course for going forward with net metering and interconnection regulations. The commission adopted the report at their October 22, 2008 public meeting. Orders will go out in the near future opening dockets for both net metering and interconnection regulations, establishing commission goals for the proceedings, setting forth a straw man proposal to initiate discussion, and establishing dates for workshops.

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Public Mtg Presentation 10-22-08
Date Issued: 10/22/2008