Regulatory Commission of Alaska Readopts Electronic Filing Regulations.

On December 30, 2011, the Commission readopted electronic filing regulations in Docket R-09-004. These regulations require mandatory electronic filing in all docket proceedings, with an opportunity for waiver (see 3 AAC 48.095).   Among other things, these regulations have also amended the Commission’s service requirements (see 3 AAC 48.090(b)), motion practice (see 3 AAC 48.091) and pleading requirements (see 3 AAC 48.100). The electronic filing of any confidential record is strictly prohibited.

These regulations are not effective until 30 days after they are filed with the Lt. Governor. Anyone seeking to submit a filing to the Commission, should do so in accordance with the current filing and service requirements found in the Alaska Statutes (AS 42.05) and Alaska Administrative Code (3 AAC 48). Current beta testers will be allowed to continue their submission of electronic docket and tariff filings, but must serve their electronic filings on other parties in accordance with the Commission’s existing regulations.

A copy of the adopted regulations may be viewed at the Commission’s office or at the Commission’s website at  by typing Docket “R-09-004” in the Find a Matter search box.

If you have any questions or need any additional information regarding the implementation of R-09-004, please contact Jana Grenn at (907) 263-2150 or

Date Issued: 12/30/2011