On behalf of the commissioners and the staff at the RCA, Chairman Patch thanks every Alaskan who took time to express their opinion about how well the Regulatory Commission of Alaska accomplishes its objectives and how carefully and thoughtfully it goes about the business of utility and pipeline certification, regulation, and rate setting.

Commissioner Robert M. Pickett was reappointed to service as a Commissioner by Governor Sean Parnell and was unanimously reconfirmed in a joint legislative session.

On the basis of the earned trust and high regard the agency enjoys from a high percentage of informed Alaskans from all across the state and in many walks of industry and Alaskan life,  the agency earned high praise and a strong recommendation from the State Legislative Auditor.  As a result the legislature extended the termination date of the agency for a term of eight years, the maximum allowed by law. 

After a careful analysis of the state’s regulations adoption process,  both houses of the legislature recognized that the RCA has a regulations process that is accessible, transparent, and involves and informs the public; and both houses continued the agency’s status under the current administrative procedures act, recognizing that the people of the state and the parties that regularly appear before the commission are best served by recognizing that the agency can best serve if its  statutory independence and its quasi-judicial decision making role is acknowledged and protected.

These notable accomplishments and others could not have been achieved had you not exercised your right to take part in the political process and voice your opinion to the agency so that it could be aware of how it is perceived and how it can continuously improve and had you likewise not expressed your praise and commendation, when earned, to the state legislators.

My sincere thanks to each and every Alaskan who helps the RCA achieve a high standard of performance and correspondingly acknowledges our efforts and our accomplishments.

Chairman, Regulatory Commission of Alaska
701 West 8th Avenue, Suite 300
Anchorage, Alaska 99501-3469

Date Issued: 4/28/2014