Public Notice TA10-717, TA10-718, TA10-719, TA5-720 Doyon:
New Funding Source Adjustment Clause -

Notice of Utility Tariff Filings

The REGULATORY COMMISSION OF ALASKA (Commission) gives notice that Doyon Utilities, LLC (Doyon) filed tariff revisions for its heat, wastewater, water and electric utilities on Fort Greely, Alaska (TA10-717, TA10-718, TA10-719, and TA5-720, respectively) proposing a new funding source adjustment clause that will be a payment credit against each utility’s monthly tariff rate for service to the military installation at Fort Greely. The U.S. Department of Defense has reserved the right to pay for any capital upgrades as a lump-sum Contribution-in-Aid-of Construction (CAIC) payment, and has requested a change to the source of capital investment funding for plant already placed in service.

TA10-717, TA10-718, TA10-719, and TA5-720, Public Notice
Date Issued: 12/23/2013