Public Notice TA263-4 Enstar:
Annual Shipper's Share Revision -

Notice of Utility Tariff Filing

The REGULATORY COMMISSION OF ALASKA (Commission) gives notice that ENSTAR Natural Gas Company (ENSTAR) filed tariff revision TA263-4, its annual revision to the Shipper’s Share of Company Use Gas to be applied to transportation deliveries for the upcoming calendar year.

ENSTAR’s tariff requires the company to file an annual revision to its Shipper’s Share Company Use Gas. In TA263-4, ENSTAR proposes the rate of its Shipper’s Share of Company Use Gas for 2015 to remain at the level approved in 2014 (0.4 percent of deliveries). This rate will be applied to all transportation volumes delivered under ENSTAR’s tariff Section 1605 in calendar year 2015.

TA263-4 RCA Public Notice
Date Issued: 10/30/2014