Public Notice TA376-8 Chugach:
Renewable Energy Certificates -


The REGULATORY COMMISSION OF ALASKA (Commission) gives notice that CHUGACH ELECTRIC ASSOCIATION, INC. (Chugach) has filed TA376-8, to recognize revenues from the sale of Renewable Energy Certificates (“RECs”) associated with energy purchases from the Fire Island Wind project in the determination of Chugach’s Fuel and Purchased Power Cost Adjustment (“FPPCA”).  A REC can be sold separately from the electric power associated with a renewable energy generation source.  Chugach indicates that the REC adjustment will act as an offset to retail purchased power costs in the calculation of its FPPCA for rates beginning fourth quarter, 2013 and incorporated thereafter when REC sales are made.

Public Notice TA376-8
Date Issued: 7/16/2013