Matter Number: U-01-104 In the Matter of the Application of ALASKA ELECTRIC AND ENERGY COOPERATIVE, INC. for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to Serve as the Wholesale Electric Utility Service to HOMER ELECTRIC ASSOCIATION, INC.


Matter Type U - Docket Short Description AEG&T/ALASKA ELECTRIC & ENERGY COOP.,INC., JOINT A
Matter Subtype Application - Certificate Transfers    
Status Closed and Archived Tariff Status
Utility Type    


Opened 8/24/2001
Notice Issued
Public Comment Deadline
Comment - Reply Deadline
Statutory Timeline   
Closed 12/9/2002


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Matter NumberMatter TitleMatter SubtypeStatus
U-00-018In the Matter of Revisions, Designated as TA212-32, TA215-32, TA221-32, TA223-32, TA226-32, TA227-32, and TA230-32 Filed by HOMER ELECTRIC ASSOCIATION, INC., for Changes to Its Wholesale Power Cost Rate Adjustment, Investigation of the Costs of Its Affiliate, ALASKA ELECTRIC GENERATION & TRANSMISSION COOPERATIVE, INC., Included in that Rate, and Initial Tariff Filing, Designated as TA1-345 Filed by ALASKA ELECTRIC GENERATION & TRANSMISSION COOPERATIVE, INC. Rate Restructuring Service/Equipment Offerings Closed and Archived
U-00-127In the Matter of the Filing of the Amended Wholesale Power Contract between Homer Electric Association, Inc. and Alaska Electric Generation and Transmission Cooperative, Inc ContractsClosed and Archived
U-10-103In the Matter of a Formal Complaint from Members of Homer Electric Association, Inc. Questioning the legal relationship between Homer Electric Association, Inc. and Alaska Electric and Energy Cooperative, Inc.Formal Complaint - tariff violationClosed and Archived