Public Comment for TA489-1 by Devon Kibby

First, I want to thank Mr. Mesdag for taking on revision of this tariff. As is mentioned in the filed responses to staff questions, this schedule represents just a tiny fraction of total revenue. Preparing a revision that marries up to the adopted tariff, incorporates differences between new and old technology, and creates a schedule that is easy to understand for ratepayers is an extremely difficult task-- especially considering the overall revenue amounts. Mr. Mesdag by spending the time to revise is enabling installation of LED fixtures that I think everyone will agree (based on existing CBJ and AKDOT installations) provide a lot more visibility over HPS. I offer two items on the tariff as filed. 1) In another docket (TA463-8) I offered comments on the advantages to utility and ratepayer for having the flexibility to offer small unmetered services for telecommunication applications (TR1900736). TA489-1 proposes to make small unmetered services only available to those loads "providing a public service and operated by a public entity...". I do not see value to the utility or ratepayer in creating such a high barrier to usage. I would propose removal of the requirement that they must provide a public service and be operated by a public entity so that the tariff can be used by any ratepayer with this niche use case. I imagine the usage will remain extremely limited even with removal of the requirement. Proposed change to sheet 133: "f. Small, unmetered loads may be billed under this schedule at the rate which most closely matches the estimated annual cost to serve the unmetered load." 2) A general question and comment-- has AELP decided what color temperature of LED they intend to use? Would AELP consider putting it into the tariff or coordinating it with CBJ and AKDOT? There is a noticeable difference between say 5000K and 3500K-- no where near as bad as HPS vs LED and metal halide, but I do see variances from project to project starting to occur around town. Thank you, -Devon

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Date Filed 9/30/2020
Tracking Number TR2005545
Filed By Devon Kibby
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TA489-1 Alaska Electric Light & Power Company - New Service (LED Street Lights, Yard Service, and Small Unmetered Loads)

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