Public Comment for TA432-32 by Nancy Hillstrand

Please give Homer Electric the tools they need to advance our power generation with our abundant midnight sun. have powered my home in Alaska with solar and storage batteries since 1980 making 2020 my fortieth(40) year. It works! I also have a business in Homer that has an array of panels using an intertie that powers our computers, phones, lights, and three electric trucks. That works too! Homer Electric company needs to follow the lead of Kodiak and diversify and integrate more solar or wind power into our grid. They need the tools to be able to perform this mission. We need to increase the net metering cap. Solar is passive. Amperage is gathered even on cloudy days and Alaska has almost unlimited sun in the spring, summer, and fall months. It is a remarkable source. Even in winter, the Kenai peninsula can harvest a fair amount of amperage especially with the newer solar panels designed for low angle light designed for high latitudes. Technology is advancing rapidly and we need to embrace these wiser choices of power generation, create jobs building the infrastructure, as well as educating the public on conservation and timing of usage wherever possible. To have a comprehensive plan and the tools required that open the door for these alternative energy sources will allow us to get on board this technology as soon as possible to be able to advance our communities into Alaska's future. Thank-you for your assistance!

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Date Filed 9/8/2020
Tracking Number TR2005270
Filed By Nancy Hillstrand
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TA432-32 Homer Electric Association - Net Metering (Net Metering Cap Increase Request)

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